Urbin Report

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

More proof that it is the democrats who want the draft reinstated.

From the, ahem, Horse's Mouth! Sayanything blog points out Kerry's stance! From the Kerry site (don't bother looking for it now...they Kosed it.)

Part of 100 days Plan to Enlist One Million Americans in National Service A Year

On September 11th, 2001, America experienced the most terrible and deadly attack in its history. John Kerry believes we need to think big and do better and get more young Americans serving the nation.

As part of his 100 day plan to change America, John Kerry will propose a comprehensive service plan that includes requiring mandatory service for high school students and four years of college tuition in exchange for two years of national service.

Ya, ya, he might be talking about Amer-corps, but has Kerry explained where he plans on getting the 40,000 active duty military he plans on adding?