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Friday, September 24, 2004

Moonbat Soaring!

Andrew Sullivan on Teresa Heinz:

More off-message, paranoid ramblings from Teresa Heinz-Kerry. She really is an embarrassment: a stereotype of the arrogant, mega-rich liberal, who has long forgotten that the only reason anyone is interested in what she has to say is her inherited money. My own theory is that she also has something to do with the new gender gap, where women are no longer as Democratic as they once were. Women look at Kerry's marriage and do not relate. They see a man who has married mega-wealthy heiresses twice, and they then look at the Bush marriage and see something simple and calming and traditional. I'm not saying that Kerry's marriage is any less admirable than Bush's; or that this kind of criticism is in any way fair. It isn't. I'm just saying that many people, especially in the heartland, are uncomfortable with it. I'm therefore simply amazed that the Kerry team are still allowing THK to mouthe off at events. Maybe she has too much leverage to be silenced. But someone needs to silence her, if Kerry is to have a chance. And soon.


  1. No! Keep her talking! That's one of the better things the Dems have done for the Bush campaign.

  2. I hear ya! I'm all for giving her an open mike and a full hour on Larry King.

    The person begging her to shut up is Andrew Sullivan, who is hoping that a Kerry Presidency will be more homosexual friendly. Given that Kerry has come out in support of an amendment to the Massachusetts constitution to ban homosexual marriage, he shouldn't be holding his breath.