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Thursday, September 02, 2004

It's Hardball politics...

Ann Althouse points out that the host of Hardball is taking it too personally.

Okay, I just want to step back and say it wasn't personal. Aggressively pointing to the deficiencies in a politician's political record is a political attack, not a personal attack. A personal attack aims at the candidate's personal or family life or addresses some more intimate matter outside of his political actions. Miller certainly attacked Kerry last night, and it was powerful and harsh, but it was not about personal matters. It was effective precisely because it pointed to and characterized the candidate's political record. You can complain that it was exaggerated, that it was incorrect or slanted, but it wasn't personal. It was political! There actually is a difference!

In New England, we have a saying, "Politics here is a contact sport."
That is unless you're John Kerry, who has only cupcake, slow pitch election battles, until now.
Say what you want about President Bush, but he is a veteran of some nasty, tough political campaigns.
He won 'em too. First against the encumbent Texas Governor Ann Richards (who is plenty smart and tough herself) and then against Algore. Yes, President Bush did win in 2000. Deal. Algore couldn't even carry his so-called home state of Tennesse!