Urbin Report

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Failing Coalition building 101, Part 2

The Heartless Libertarian points out:

John Kerry has talked much about how, as President, he would be able to
build coalitions to more effectively fight the War on Islamofascism. In
furtherance of that goal, today, while Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Allawi
addressed Congress, John Kerry blew him off and instead campaigned in Ohio.

At the present time, Iraq is probably the single most important country in
the war. And ignoring their leader is not exactly the way to build warm
relations. Then again, Ohio is a key swing state, and Mr. Allawi doesn't
vote there.

I think this is another indicator of just how inept a campaign Senator Kerry
is running. He could have scored some serious diplo-points by attending
Prime Minister Allawi's address, and as the possible (*shudder*) future
President, I'm sure he could have gotten at least some face time with him.
At least appear statesman-like, a good photo-op. Not to mention the value
of building relationships that might prove useful in the future. Instead,
Kerry is in Ohio calling President Bush a liar.

I guess Mr. Allawi wasn't one of those unnamed foreign leaders who want
Senator Kerry to win in November