Urbin Report

Sunday, September 12, 2004

An excellent point!

The Mudville Gazette points out:

Not much has yet been made of the fact that this fraud has been perpetrated in the name of a deceased military officer, Lt. Col. Jerry Killian of the Texas Air National Guard. CBS's claims actually besmirch the reputation of a man who served his country nobly and well, a man whose opinions (by all accounts of those who knew him best - his family) were the exact opposite of those expressed in the Rather Forgeries. A man who after spending a lifetime defending his country is no longer able to defend himself.

And yes, the Rather forgeries. Perhaps he didn't do them himself, but we're not likely to hear from him any time soon who did. The appropriate sendoff for this sloppy partisan hack will be to have his name become synonymous with shoddy journalism, unreliable reporting, unethical behavior, and criminal acts.

The Gazette recommends this Powerline summary.