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Sunday, September 05, 2004


James Carville and his wife Mary Matlin are on Meet the Press this morning.
I think Carville is great. I don't agree with him, but he's damn good at what he does.
It's a shame his wife hasn't talked sense into him yet.

One across the Bow! Mary just nailed a good one, pointing out that liberals aways blame a female campaign manager when their lily white male male Presidential candidate blows it.

James came back well until he said that former President Clinton left the United States the most respected country on Earth.
Wake up call James, it was Clinton's handling of the US government that lead the Terrorists to think that the 9/11/01 attacks would go unpunished.

Mary is bring up Kerry's Senate voting record. Will the first words out of James' mouth call that an attack?
It seems that Tim beat him to it. James actually started off by calling Senator Zell Miller senile.
James then goes on to completely avoid the issue of John Kerry's Senate voting record and turn it right into an attack on the President.

It's interesting to listen to liberals criticize anything concerning Iraq. These are the folks who insisted that there would be tens of thousands of US & British military dead when they took on the "battle hardened" Iraqi Army, and that there would be massive Iraqi civilian casualties due to widespread starvation unless the UN was brought in immediately and given complete control of the country.

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  1. I loved when, after James put Zell down as a dottering old fool, she reminded him that he officiated at their wedding. That was priceless!