Urbin Report

Monday, September 13, 2004

Boots & Sabers on Kerry

A fair summation:

When this whole race is over, John Kerry’s entire campaign will be summed up with the words, “You can’t be more specific?”

I truly wonder if John Kerry believes what he is saying. He is saying that dozens of countries that have declined to help America in Iraq will change their minds completely if he is elected. Beyond that, he has already decided for them how much responsibility each county will have and how much help they will give. Does he truly believe that he has the capacity to do this?

Let’s take France, for example. France has a large Muslim population that opposes America’s actions in Iraq. Much of the rest of the French population opposes America in this regard. They are generally anti-American in part because they detest America’s influence in “corrupting” their culture. Chirac has spent the last 2 years stoking the fires of anti-Americanism in France for his own political benefit. Furthermore, France’s economy is falling apart under the weight of the welfare state. Their military is pathetic and they couldn’t field a battalion in Iraq if they wanted to. How, exactly, will John Kerry reverse all of these factors and bring France into the fold?


Does John Kerry really believe that he is so smart, so powerful, and so charismatic that he can bend the world to his will by calling a conference? What kind of arrogance does a man have to possess to believe that?