Urbin Report

Friday, September 03, 2004

Another fine example...

...of a congressional democrat:

Former Rep. Frank W. Ballance Jr. of North Carolina, who cited ill health in resigning from Congress in June, was indicted on federal fraud and money-laundering charges yesterday in connection with a drug and alcohol counseling program he founded.
The 62-year-old Democrat was indicted along with his son, Garey Ballance, a state judge, who was charged with not filing a tax return in 2000, the Associated Press reports.
A stinging state audit last fall found that the John A. Hyman Foundation was riddled with conflicts of interest and had made $325,000 in questionable payments. The foundation has received $2.1 million in state money since 1994, thanks in part to the elder Mr. Ballance.

Thanks to the Washington Times for pointing this out. I'll bet the Boston Globe on my front porch won't mention this.