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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Good news from Florida...

...besides it being hurricane free while I'm visiting!

Bush leads Kerry by nine points! That's according to the Gallup Poll.

Powerline Blog reports another poll showing Bush with a four point lead.

If the left can't win it, they'll spin it!

Redstate.org points out:

Terry McAuliffe, convinced that John Kerry will lose the debate tonight, is asking for help to make sure that, regardless of Kerry’s efforts, the media is spun to believe that Kerry won.

He then lists the contents of a DNC mass email. Read the whole thing.
The folks at Redstate end with this good advice:
I think we should take Terry up on his suggestions and make sure everyone knows that George Bush won the debate. Thanks Terry for making it easy on us to get in contact with folks. Just like in 2000 and 2002, we probably couldn't have done it without you!

The National Review Kerry Roundup...

Jim Geraghty rates him as a Terror Warrior. He says his "War on Terror" speech was:

... a string of logical fallacies, half-truths, and smart-sounding criticisms followed by generic, vague pledges to do better.

Ouch! Read the whole thing.

Myrna Blyth, former long-time editor of Ladies Home Journal, points out that Kerry is losing women voters.
Not a good thing for a democrat.

Jonah Goldberg points out how Kerry is downright Nixonian... Here is a highlight:
The most Nixonian of Kerry's traits is his obsession with secrecy and conspiracies. In August, Kerry announced he had a secret plan to get America out of Iraq. When George Stephanopoulos said it sounded like Nixon's secret plan, Kerry responded with Nixonian combativeness: "I don't care what it sounds like. It's truth. I don't care what it sounds like."

OK, fine. But at the same time, Kerry has accused Bush of having more secret plans than SPECTRE from the James Bond movies. As the blogger Slings and Arrows has documented, Kerry has accused Bush of having secret plans to privatize Social Security, slash social services, wage nuclear war, fix oil prices at the Saudis' behest, cut VA Benefits, cut education funding, send jobs abroad, and, of course, bring back the draft. On Monday the Associated Press reported, "John Kerry told voters in America's Dairyland...that President Bush had a secret plan that would hurt milk producers after the election."

Kate O'Beirne reminds us what most Vietnam Vets think of John Kerry.

Brian Riedl reminds us that John Kerry never met a tax hike he didn't vote for.

Voter Fraud Roundup

Michelle Malkin has a list and it has the usual suspects...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Robert Heinlein is smiling...

SpaceShipOne goes 67 miles up and lands successfully.

More on Moore

Mr. Harris points out that Michael Moore's old friends don't like him either.

Hollywood Premiere of Michael Moore Hates America

Via Moxie:

"Hollywood, Calif., September 22, 2004/PRNewswire/ The hotly anticipated documentary, “Michael Moore Hates America” will make its' Hollywood premiere on Thursday, September 30 at 8p.m. at the Writer's Guild of America theatre, with its red carpet rolled out to Hollywood's elite celebrities in support of uncensored media and freedom of speech in America."


"[Victor] Elizalde is supportive of the documentary, and says "the movie will do to Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11, what the bloggers have done to CBS and Dan Rather and America deserves to hear the truth."

More proof that it is the democrats who want the draft reinstated.

From the, ahem, Horse's Mouth! Sayanything blog points out Kerry's stance! From the Kerry site (don't bother looking for it now...they Kosed it.)

Part of 100 days Plan to Enlist One Million Americans in National Service A Year

On September 11th, 2001, America experienced the most terrible and deadly attack in its history. John Kerry believes we need to think big and do better and get more young Americans serving the nation.

As part of his 100 day plan to change America, John Kerry will propose a comprehensive service plan that includes requiring mandatory service for high school students and four years of college tuition in exchange for two years of national service.

Ya, ya, he might be talking about Amer-corps, but has Kerry explained where he plans on getting the 40,000 active duty military he plans on adding?

The Fear Mongering continues...

I posted last week that the democrats were trying to restart the draft and blaming the Republicans.

Leslie Bates points out that no sane member of the military wants this.
Of course, Dan Rather is beating this drum like the democrat shill he is.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If you have to give them direction...

...it's probably not a documentary.

Let's not forget what Ray Bradbury has to say about Michael Moore.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Now that's just cold...

...true, but harsh. Mr. Kapan puts forth the idea that:

Next to John Kerry, Bill Clinton was a foreign-policy giant.

He makes a good point. Consider:
Even an administration dovish by temperament and little interested in foreign affairs came to appreciate that in many corners of the globe U.S. muscle was the only thing standing between peace and mayhem. After eight years of frenetic military activism in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan, Mr. Clinton had all but banished the sentiment that America's overwhelming power was somehow tainted by involvement in too many suspect conflicts, above all Vietnam. "If we have to use force," Madeleine Albright declared in 1998, "it is because we are American. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future."

At the time, the Clinton team's description of the U.S. as the "indispensable nation" elicited a rebuke from none other than Mr. Kerry, who seems to regard America's role on the international scene as being altogether dispensable.

Another state gets a bit redder...

Ann Althouse, who voted for Edwards in the primaries, has had it with Kerry and is going to vote for Bush.
She details the path that took her there. It's worth the read.

Another Kerry argument shot down.

According to the Financial Times:

French and German government officials say they will not significantly increase military assistance in Iraq even if John Kerry, the Democratic presidential challenger, is elected on November 2.

Mr Kerry, who has attacked President George W. Bush for failing to broaden the US-led alliance in Iraq, has pledged to improve relations with European allies and increase international military assistance in Iraq.

So just what is Kerry's value add as President?

The desperation is settling in...

...as the Senior felon from Taxachussetts spreads fear mongering in support of Senator Kerry.

Kerry diplomacy at work...

...or in this case, the lack there of.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

A challenge to the Kerryites.

Beldar puts for the following challenge:

Can you identify even one specific and material SwiftVets allegation that you believe to have been fully "debunked" or fully proven to be "unsubstantiated"?

The expanding Coalition of Red States

If the election were held today, Bush would receive 301 electoral votes to Kerry's 237, according to a CNN survey based on state polling as well as interviews with campaign aides and independent analysts. A candidate wins the election with 270 electoral votes, regardless of the popular vote.

2000 Blue states Pennsylvania, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan and Minnesota are now battleground states where Kerry has to spend time defending rather than trying to gain new votes.

Kerry vs. Kerry

Mr. Harris points out that current debate is between Senator Kerry and Senator Kerry.

Who volunteered for what & when...

Techievampire points out some interesting facts that the MSM hasn't reported.

Trying to secure the base

Paraphrasing what I just heard Mora Liason say on Fox News Sunday.

When the democrat candidate has to do campaign event with women in New York City, it's not a good sign.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Failing Coalition building 101, Part 2

The Heartless Libertarian points out:

John Kerry has talked much about how, as President, he would be able to
build coalitions to more effectively fight the War on Islamofascism. In
furtherance of that goal, today, while Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Allawi
addressed Congress, John Kerry blew him off and instead campaigned in Ohio.

At the present time, Iraq is probably the single most important country in
the war. And ignoring their leader is not exactly the way to build warm
relations. Then again, Ohio is a key swing state, and Mr. Allawi doesn't
vote there.

I think this is another indicator of just how inept a campaign Senator Kerry
is running. He could have scored some serious diplo-points by attending
Prime Minister Allawi's address, and as the possible (*shudder*) future
President, I'm sure he could have gotten at least some face time with him.
At least appear statesman-like, a good photo-op. Not to mention the value
of building relationships that might prove useful in the future. Instead,
Kerry is in Ohio calling President Bush a liar.

I guess Mr. Allawi wasn't one of those unnamed foreign leaders who want
Senator Kerry to win in November

How the National Guard reacts to President Bush.

"That's my president, hooah!"

Equal time for leftists...

Well, sort of...Since they rant about Halliburton so much, I'll post a link to this article about Halliburton.

Republican Joke of the day...

It's over at RightWing News. Go read it.

Friday, September 24, 2004

President Bush's former TANG commander speaks out.

Colonel Morrisey, TANG, ret. said the following:

"Bush and the others were flying several flights day or night over the Gulf of Mexico to identify the unknown,'' he said. "The Cold War was a nervous time. You never knew. There were other things going on equally important to the country, and the Air National Guard had a primary role in it.''

Morrisey said the commander he worked for at the unit in Texas was sent there to rebuild the image of the unit. There were only two to four pilot training slots given to them per year, he said. Individuals questioned by an evaluation board and then chosen by the commander had to be the best.

"Bush was selected and he turned out just fine,'' he said.

According to Morrisey, after Bush began working as a fighter pilot, he became regarded as one of the best pilots there. Unit commander Col. Maurice Udell considered Bush to be one of his top five pilots, Morrisey said.

"The kid did good,'' he said.

Each pilot had to perform alert duty where they patrolled for unidentified aircraft during the threat of the Cold War, Morrisey said.

"Bush Jr. did good for us,'' Morrisey said. "He pulled alert and he did it all.''

Morrisey said that while Bush didn't get preferential treatment, not everyone was allowed into the National Guard.

"We wanted the best we could get. We never knowingly took an unworthy individual in the units I belonged to,'' he said. "You're only as good your worst individual.''

This isn't the first time a reporter called Morrisey asking whether or not Bush received preferential treatment. Shortly after Republicans nominated Bush for president in 2000, a reporter from Texas called Morrisey.

"That floored me. The only people that got preferential treatment was when Jimmy Carter pardoned those guys that went to Canada,'' he said of individuals who fled to Canada to avoid the draft during the war in Vietnam.

Loone leftists try to strike again...

A mix between Cops! and Jackass.
It points out that not only do liberals don't have much respect for the 1st Amendment, but they are pretty damn stupid to boot.

Moonbat Soaring!

Andrew Sullivan on Teresa Heinz:

More off-message, paranoid ramblings from Teresa Heinz-Kerry. She really is an embarrassment: a stereotype of the arrogant, mega-rich liberal, who has long forgotten that the only reason anyone is interested in what she has to say is her inherited money. My own theory is that she also has something to do with the new gender gap, where women are no longer as Democratic as they once were. Women look at Kerry's marriage and do not relate. They see a man who has married mega-wealthy heiresses twice, and they then look at the Bush marriage and see something simple and calming and traditional. I'm not saying that Kerry's marriage is any less admirable than Bush's; or that this kind of criticism is in any way fair. It isn't. I'm just saying that many people, especially in the heartland, are uncomfortable with it. I'm therefore simply amazed that the Kerry team are still allowing THK to mouthe off at events. Maybe she has too much leverage to be silenced. But someone needs to silence her, if Kerry is to have a chance. And soon.

President Bush's Honorable Service In The TANG

Like all Guard members, Lt. Bush was required to accrue a minimum of 50 points (annually) to meet Guard service requirements (a minimum of 300 points in six years). What the liberal media may not have covered in their many articles about Lt. Bush's ANG service is that Lt. Bush accumulated 954 points - exceeding the six-year Air National Guard requirement for service - threefold. Of course, everyone knows this, right? All those investigative reporters must have brought this fact out a dozen times. I just must have missed it.

Read the whole article here.

democrats can't handle the truth.

Daniel McKivergan points out:

YESTERDAY, John Kerry repeated what has become a standard Kerry-Edwards campaign talking point: Saddam's Iraq had "no ties to al Qaeda," or, as Kerry recently told Time, Saddam Hussein had "nothing to do with al Qaeda."

These statements are false.

Numerous reports, ranging from those of the September 11 Commission to the Senate Intelligence Committee, have detailed a relationship between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda. In July, the co-chairman of the September 11 Commission, Governor Thomas Kean, stated "there was no question in our minds that there was a relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda."

Or consider this, from the memoir of the former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, General Tommy Franks, American Soldier:

"One known terrorist, a Jordanian-born Palestinian named Abu Musab Zarqawi who had joined al Qaeda in Afghanistan--where he specialized in developing chemical and biological weapons--was now confirmed to operate from one of the camps in Iraq. Badly wounded fighting coalition forces in Afghanistan, Zarqawi had received medical treatment in Baghdad before setting up with Ansar al Islam. And evidence suggested that he had been joined there by other al Qaeda leaders, who had been ushered through Baghdad and given safe passage into northern Iraq by Iraqi security forces. . . . [p. 332] And while many al Qaeda leaders had been killed [in Afghanistan], others had sought sanctuary in Iraq. [p. 403]"

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Let the desperate lies begin!

Senator Kerry has gone public with the fear mongering.
He now claims that a military draft could be reinstated if voters re-elect President Bush.

This flies in the face of the hard facts.
It's democrats in Congress pushing for a return to a draft!

The draft reinstatement bill is sponsored by Congressman Jim McDermott (democrat WA) and Congressman Charles Rangel (democrat NYC).

Please note that McDermott has been giving speeches claiming that President Bush will reinstate a draft, while he himself pushes for the legislation to do so!

The White House and the Pentagon don't think it's a good idea. Today's American military is built on volunteer service and professionalism.

Remember that it was Senator Kerry, in an interview on NPR (Aug. 6th 2004) who said that he wants to increase the size of the active duty military by 40,000 troops.

Perhaps the Senator should be asked where he plans on getting these troops.
That is if he ever does a serious interview. Regis and Kelly?!? He doesn't take the American people seriously, why should we take him seriously.

National Review's Kerry Spot has more.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Funny and dead on target.

John Ringo responds to a challenge an produces a LOTR analogy to Rathergate

Let the Games Begin!

CBS Rathergate source set to sue CBS for libel!

Known Bush-Hater Bill Burkett has had “several meetings with lawyers to determine the best course of action.” The planned lawsuit would center on “defamation of character and libel," according to the NY Sun.

CBS is throwing CBS News producer Mary Mapes to the wolves. The claim that she violated Policy by Putting Source in Touch With the Kerry Campaign.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A film by Dick Morris

FahrenHype 9/11

Kerry vs. Kerry

The Democrats are acting like someone at a poker game who uses the hand dealt to him to build a house of cards.

This is something one should not do when playing against a hardcore poker player from Texas.

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Key Question remains unanswered!

In regard to Rathergate:
What did John Kerry know and when did he know it?

We may be starting to get some answers...

Seared into his Memory...

Vietnam Veteran Mackubin Owens discusses John Kerry's record at length.
Read the whole thing.

Failed Alliance Building 101

Carroll Andrew Morse points out the Senator Kerry has a lousy track record on what he claims is one of his primary strengths:

John Kerry was handed what should have been a baby-step in the presidential-simulator. Manufacture an alliance of veterans. For a candidate who is centering his foreign policy on the notion of building alliances, creating an alliance of men with whom he shared common background should have been an easy task.

John Kerry failed to build a credible alliance. Unilaterally speaking for the group of 23 veterans represented in the 1969 photograph highlighted the failure. His use of the photograph was based on a fraudulent coalition of just 3 of the 23.

Read the whole thing.

They need to add more tinfoil to their beanies...

...on on the democratic underground grassy knowle.
Consider the following from the Washington Times:

But on DemocraticUnderground.com and other Internet sites, some Democrats said that the man in the photo was actually the girl's older brother.
"Ridiculous," Sophia's father, Phil Parlock, said of the hoax rumors. Huntington, W.Va., photographer Randy Snyder — who took the photos on assignment from Associated Press — also said the man in the IUPAT shirt was not Mr. Parlock's son.
"The guy was cussing [Mr. Parlock]. ... I thought they were going to come to blows," said Mr. Snyder, who said he was familiar with the Parlock family from years of covering political events in the Huntington area.
State lawmaker Kelli Sobonya, a Republican from the same town as the Parlocks, who says she has known the family for years, said the man in the union shirt is "definitely not" Mr. Parlock's son.
On Friday, IUPAT's president, James A. Wilson, issued this statement: "What happened in Huntington, W.Va., yesterday is an affront to everything we, as a union, pride ourselves to represent. We extend our apologies to the Parlock family, especially Sophia, for the distress one of our overzealous members caused them." IUPAT spokesman Gavin McDonald says the union will conduct a "step-by-step, thorough" investigation of the incident.
Another fact that roused Democrats' suspicion of Mr. Parlock was news reports that he had been roughed up under similar conditions at Democratic campaign events in 1996 and 2000.
"There is a consistency, in that I'm quiet, I have signs, I raise my signs, I get pummeled," Mr. Parlock told the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette-Mail.

Lest We Forget- Busom Buddies

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Liberal poser alert...

From the Mudville Gazette:

Read the whole thing

More details on Micah Wright.

Harsh, but well deserved...

Mark Steyn, of the Sun-Times, unloads on Dan Rather:

Of all the loopy statements made by Dan Rather in the 10 days since he decided to throw his career away, my favorite is this, from Dan's interview with the Washington Post on Thursday:

''If the documents are not what we were led to believe, I'd like to break that story.''

Hel-looooo? Earth to the Lost Planet of Ratheria: You can't ''break that story.'' A guy called ''Buckhead'' did that, on the Free Republic Web site a couple of hours after you and your money-no-object resources-a-go-go ''60 Minutes'' crew attempted to pass off four obvious Microsoft Word documents as authentic 1972 typewritten memos about Bush's skipping latrine duty in the Spanish-American War, or whatever it was.

The following day Charles Johnson of the Little Green Footballs Web site drove a stake through your phony '70s memos by overlaying them with modern MS Word documents, whose automatic word wrap is amazingly an exact match with Lt. Col. Killian's ''typewriter.'' And every document expert agreed with Johnson your memos are junk, including your own analysts.

By now just about everybody on the planet also thinks they're junk, except for that dwindling number of misguided people who watch the ''CBS Evening News'' under the misapprehension that it's a news broadcast rather than a new unreality show in which a cocooned anchor, his floundering news division and some feeble executives are trapped on their own isle of delusion and can't figure out a way to vote themselves off it.

So the only story you're in a position to break right now is: ''Late-Breaking News. Veteran Newsman Announces He's Recovered His Marbles.'' And, if last week's anything to go by, you're in no hurry to do that.

Instead, Dan keeps demanding Bush respond to the ''serious questions'' raised by his fake memos. ''With respect, Mr. President,'' he droned the other day, ''answer the questions.'' The president would love to, but he's doubled up with laughter.

Read the whole thing.

The important questions

Well, well...

"A retired Texas National Guard official mentioned as a possible source for disputed documents about President Bush's service in the Guard said he passed along information to a former senator working with John Kerry's campaign."

We're back to the important questions that need to be answered!

What did John Kerry know about the forgeries?
When did John Kerry know about the forgeries?
How high up in the Kerry Campaign and the DNC did the approval of the forgeries go?

Oh ya, don't forget:
What's the frequency, Kenneth?

The Washington Post continues on Rathergate

They take their turn at picking apart the formating problems with the forged memos.

Bias? What Bias?

As the Spoons Experience point out:


Yeah, if "in play" means trailing by 16 points.

Hardly surprising when you consider that liberals consider "self-esteem" a more important part of a education than basic math skills....

Democracy may once again raise its head in Florida...

...as it did in 2000, but not due to the democrats lack of trying!
Mr. Harris points out:

The Florida Supreme Court ruled this afternoon that Ralph Nader may stay on the ballot, over-ruling the trial judge who granted the blatantly anti-democratic (but eminently Democrat) injunction sought by Kerry campaign and the DNC to keep him off of it.

Ahhh...the compassionate left...

Leslie Bates points out that the left has problems with rational debate.
No surprise there...

Robert Duvall speaks up between tangos...

Tony posts this great interview with Robert Duvall:

But Duvall, who is known for playing colonels and cowboys, doesn’t come to Argentina for the women. He comes here to dance, and he spends his nights with his longtime girlfriend in Buenos Aires tango clubs. It’s his obsession.

"It gets in your blood in a quiet way, kind of a sweet thing that sits there,"says Duvall. "He’s leading, he’s telling her what to do, but she embellishes. But in our politically correct world, up in the United States, they call it the leader and the follower. Down here, they call it the man and the woman. Haha."

[ . . . ]

No subject is off limits for Duvall – and his politics are no exception. Fiercely libertarian, he’s always eager to weigh in. At his favorite café in Buenos Aires, one topic was Steven Spielberg’s recent visit to Cuba in 2002 -- and Spielberg's widely reported meeting with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Duvall says Spielberg should never have gone in the first place.

"Now, what I want to ask him -- and I know he's going to get pissed off – 'Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust museum, or at least across the street, to honor the dead Cubans that Castro killed,'" says Duvall. "That's very presumptuous of him to go there … I'll tell him that. I'll never work at Dreamworks again, but I don't care about working there anyway."

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Bias? What Bias

Redstatedotorg gives us Through the Liberal Looking Glass

These two articles are written about the exact same person, the source of the FAKE CBS memos, but you'd never know it if you only read one.

An article in today's Washington Post is titled "Suspected CBS Source Is Well-Regarded Texan," and describes the source of the fake CBS memos as, "a nice man who... might be seen as somewhat eccentric for his Democratic bias." Interesting that an East Coast liberal tries to explain what it means to be a "well regarded Texan", when The Houston Chronicle, a paper actually written by Texans, describes the same source as, "a man with a well-established history of Bush loathing" who, in an article written for a Internet publication last year, "compared Bush to Hitler and Napoleon as one of 'the three small men' who sought to rule through tyranny."

Does that sound like the same man as the one described in the Washington Post article? I think not.

This is the perfect illustration of how Dan Rather and his liberal cronies use "journalism" to push the Democrats mantra day in and day out.

Let's learn from previous exit plans...

VariFrank lists some classic democrat "Exit Plans", or lack there of...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Still AWOL!

That the best description of how Senator Kerry has avoided any serious press interviews since the DNC.
For someone who said he would hold monthly major press conferences, this is pretty lame.
He has put in long face in front of a national audience exactly twice since the DNC shut down the city of Boston.
The first time was on the fricking Daily Show! He expects us to take him seriously why?

The second time was a slow pitch session on the Don Imus radio show. In case you missed it, Imus' lips are so firmly placed on Kerry's ass, it looks like Kerry is wearing his cowboy hat.

C.D. Harris has a good review of that so-called interview.

At least Imus has more sense than Senator Kerry:

He then as much as promised that his Administration would find a place for Madeleine Albright. Just what we need. Imus showed more sense, noting she'd be "a huge mistake."

The Kerry/Rathergate Connection

Rather than doing the sane thing of distancing himself from this Charlie Fox, Senator Botox is doing the opposite according to the Washington Times:

"Bizarrely, John Kerry is now clutching onto the document-challenged Dan Rather like a drowning man grabbing onto a sinking ship," the New York Post's Deborah Orin writes.
"Ask outside Democratic strategists, and they all say it makes zero sense for Kerry allies to piggyback on the Rather attacks against Bush's National Guard service now that the anchor's credibility is melting like the Wicked Witch of the West," Miss Orin said.
"Worried Dems say it shows lack of discipline, lack of strategy, lack of message and free-lancing — just what a slipping campaign can't afford. 'It's stupid, it's stupid, it's stupid. Get off the National Guard and all that bull. Every day we talk about the National Guard and Vietnam is another day that George Bush wins. No one cares about 30 years ago,' a top Dem says.
"Another tells of a focus group of swing voters this week where no one even mentioned Rather's Guard flap but an unnerving number 'parroted back' attacks on Kerry as a flip-flopper who lied about his Vietnam service. 'The Kerry people think they didn't attack Bush hard enough. They're dead wrong. More attacks on Bush aren't a reason to vote for Kerry,' this strategist says."

What is he hiding?

It seems that Senator Kerry is hiding something else besides his involvement in Rathergate.

The U.S. Navy released documents Wednesday contradicting claims by Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry that all of his available military records have been released.

The Navy, responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from the legal watchdog group Judicial Watch, also referred interested parties to Kerry's campaign web site for government military documents.

Navy Personnel Command FOIA Officer Dave German wrote in an e-mail to Judicial Watch that the Navy "withheld thirty-one pages of documents from the responsive military personnel service records as we were not provided a release authorization."

A "release authorization" would have to come from Kerry filling out and signing a Standard Form 180, something he has yet to do. A Standard Form 180 would authorize the complete release of all his military records. Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in August to obtain Kerry's military records.

Fake but Accurate...

Ya right! What's the Frequency Kenneth?

Leftist Brownshirts in Action

What is that democrats have against Democracy?

Here we have a example of democrat at their finest. A Kerry/Edwards supports takes a Bush/Cheney sign from a 3 year old girl and tears it up. He looks pretty damn proud of himself today.

Leslie Bates points out that this is pretty standard behavior for the left.

Captain's Quarters Blog reports the story.

Powerline Blog has the story.

So does Wes Roth and the Washington Times.

I'm betting that you will not read about this in the New York Times, the Boston Globe or the LA Times.
Don't expect Dan Rather to report it either.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Well Put!

The Heartless Libertarian says, "Screw Kofi Annan"
He has some on target money quotes:

Oh, and Kofi, when are you going to come out and state that your son's actions with the Oil-for-Palaces program contravened the UN charter, not to mention basic human decency, and I'm sure a whole lot of embezzlement and fraud laws. When are we going to see you out in UN Plaza saying, "My son is a disgusting criminal who committed an unspeakable crime against the Iraqi people. He will be turned over to them for trial forthwith, and I hope they sentence him to be dragged across the desert behind a dune buggy for 100 miles before he is fed to a horde of camel spiders."?

Go set up shop somewhere like Sudan, where the government seems to like you because you let them kill masses of their own people. You could deliver your harshly worded statements to them much more efficiently if your office was located in Khartoum. And we can give your building to Donald Trump, so it can make money and pay taxes and help New York City with their budget problems.

Some facts...

Some facts you probably won't hear in the MSM about recently expired semi-automatic rifle sales ban.

The lies are just stacking up like cordwood...

CD Harris further validates William Weld's statement that Kerry will say anything to win.

In stinging essay, he points out that Kerry is lying bold faced about his own record on Gun Owner Rights:

John "Weeble" Kerry offered up what is perhaps the biggest whopper of the campaign this week: He claimed to be "first Democratic candidate to support Second Amendment gun rights and to be an avid hunter." This in the middle of spending two days - Friday and Monday - blasting the President for "allowing" the so-called "assault weapons" ban to expire.*

One can wonder all one wants why Kerry felt it necessary to bring gun control into a race in which it has not, so far, played a role. Perhaps he thinks it will shore up his support in vital states (like, say, Pennsylvania) where he's been slipping lately. It's a risky choice, since it invites scrutiny of his record - an exercise that does not work to his advantage.

How does a Senator with a perfect 100% rating from the Brady Campaign think he can get away with calling himself a supporter of the Second Amendment? The NRA notes that, "[i]n a 20-year career, Kerry... cast only one real vote for gun owners' rights, and it in support of a narrow group of people [airline pilots] charged with responsibility for the safety of others." Even Clinton and Gore were better on firearms rights than Kerry.

I've looked at Kerry's record pretty carefully. A large part of Kerry's problem is that, while he's been perfectly willing to change his position on almost everything - including such minor matters as going to war and equipping our troops to do so - according to the shifting winds of day-to-day political calculation, he's been truly consistent on only two issues throughout his Senate career: Abortion and gun control. And on both of those issues, he has toed the left-liberal line nearly to perfection.

I've been waiting for this...

Ann Coulter speaks out on Rathergate.

She plays it safe though:

As a precaution I've written this on a 1972 Selectric typewriter.

Set the Wayback Machine to 1 year ago today...

...and you find the Carter Legacy.

Another cartoon flashback...

Bloom County on Rather, back in 1984

Don't forget Doonesbury's 1971 take on John Kerry

Thanks to Mr. Reynolds for pointing out the Boom County find.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

A good question...

...but not the only one that needs answering.
Andrew Sullivan asks who faked the Rathergate memos?

The other importand questions are:
What did John Kerry know about the forgeries?
When did John Kerry know about the forgeries?
How high up in the Kerry Campaign and the DNC did the approval of the forgeries go?

Rathergate backlash

According to this email to Andrew Sullivan, Dan Rather's extreme left wing bias has pushed at least one voter into the Bush Camp:

"Overall, I have many of the same lamentations about Big-Government-Bush as you, and as my views are generally libertarian I find much of the social conservatism distasteful as well. But while I was struggling with how to approach this election for those reasons, I must say that this unspeakably disgusting behavior by CBS has now made my decision easy. I always thought the clear liberal bias at CBS (and others) was just a natural consequence of the way the liberal journalists dominating MSM see the world rather than a concerted effort to push a liberal agenda (the fish don't feel the water theory, as others have put it). I now see how wrong I was. If CBS is willing to not only shred even the pretense of journalistic ethics, but to actually conspire to commit fraud (as I think the evidence of ignoring experts and standing behind such obvious forgeries shows) in a desperate attempt to throw a presidential election and install their candidate, then I must do everything I can to oppose them. This means becoming an active supporter of President Bush. I would never have imagined that would happen, but all I can say is thanks, CBS, for exposing yourself and clearing things up."

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

I beat him to it!

Shot Across the Bow Blog says in post on 9/13/04:

Yes, folks, you heard it here first. This whole RatherGate scandal has been the first stage in Operation Hillary in 04.

I beat him to it! Set the WayBack Machine to 9/9/04:
I'll promote the conspiracy theory of the week here & now.
This sloppy forgery was created and put forth by HRC operatives to torpedo the Kerry campaign, giving HRC a shot at the White House in 2008.

This should force Rathergate off the headlines...

...but it won't. You know why too.
As Mr. Harris points out:

Another potentially devastating blow to John "Weeble" Kerry's campaign hit the wires today: One of "Winter Soldiers" now says that Kerry coached him to lie about atrocities.
A veteran who testified to John Kerry about atrocities he committed in the Vietnam War is now claiming that the Democratic presidential candidate coerced him to tell tales.

Steven Pitkin, an Army combat veteran, told FOX News that Kerry coached him and others to say they had witnessed war crimes, even after Pitkin told Kerry that he had not.

This is just over the top, and in form for Mr. Kerry, back then and today. If this proves to be true, it just reinforces the premise that Kerry's campaign is a collection of fabrications and misdirections.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A pattern of behavior...

Anne Morse reminds us of the First Rathergate.

A fine example of doublespeak

On Meet the Press, Kerry adviser and former Clinton Sec. of State Madeleine Albright (also known as Madeleine Chamberlain or Neville Albright) put forth the following:

Russert: But didn't North Korea develop a nuclear bomb on Bill Clinton's watch?

Albright: No, what they were doing, as it turns out, they were cheating. And the reason that you have arms control agreements is you don't make them with your friends, you make them with your enemies. And it's the process that is required to hold countries accountable. The worst part that has happened under the agreed framework, there was these fuel rods, and the nuclear program was frozen. Those fuel rods have now been reprocessed, as far as we know, and North Korea has a capability, which at one time might have been two potential nuclear weapons, up to six to eight now, we're not really clear. But in this period of time when there has not enough action been taken, I think that the threat from North Korea has increased.

Ok...so what she is saying is that under the Clinton Treaty, North Korea could go a head a develop a nuclear bomb.
What job is she sucking up for in a Kerry administration?

What a difference eight years makes.

Mr. Harris sums up liberal arguments.

Mr. Harris says:

Let me see if I properly understand your argument...

1) Everything the Swifties said was a lie because one US$100k contributor to their effort was a Republican. That Kerry was forced to revise at least two elements of his decades-old personal narrative because of them has no bearing on this determination whatsoever.

2) Barnes, a major fundraiser (US$500k+) for Kerry's campaign, has said for decades - under oath even - that he was not asked by Bush's family to help get him into the Guard. But now when says he was lying all those years (contradicted by his own family) he's telling the truth.

3) This same man, his candidate down in the polls and rapidly losing steam, now also 'admits' to an an act of extreme corruption, for which he was ultimately compensated to the tune of US$23 million.

4) Bush, at the time, was a candidate, not an officeholder and, as such, had no actual power. But he was terrified that people would find out the shocking news that, as the son of a Congressman, he'd gotten special treatment to get into the Guard, so he gave in to Barnes' extortion and exercised power he didn't have to help Barnes' client.

5) Ergo, Bush is corrupt and cannot be believed.

Truly you have a dizzying intellect.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

moveon dot org avoids the facts

Here is the Summary:

This latest ad from Moveon PAC is about as misleading as it can be. Through words, graphics and sound effects, it invites viewers to think that the expiration of the ban on 19 semiautomatic assault weapons will allow people legally to buy fully automatic machine guns that can fire "up to 300 rounds per minute." That's false.

It has been illegal to buy a machine gun without federal clearance since 1934, and remains so.

The ad also claims that Bush "will let the assault weapon ban expire," which is misleading. In fact, Bush spoke in support of the ban during his campaign four years ago and his spokesman said as recently as May of last year that he still supported it. It was Congress that failed to consider extending the ban and didn't present Bush with a bill to sign.

Read the whole thing.

This is hardly a new tactic. This lie is the basis behind the so-called "Assault Weapon" ban in the first place.

"... many Americans do believe that handguns are effective weapons for home-defense and the majority of Americans ...believe the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the individual right to keep and bear arms. Yet, many who support the individual's right to own a handgun have second thoughts when the issue comes down to assault weapons. Assault weapons are often viewed the same way as machine guns and `plastic' firearms -- a weapon that poses such a grave risk that it's worth compromising a perceived constitutional right." -- "Assault Weapons: Analysis, New Research and Legislation" Josh Sugarmann, March 1989

"Assault weapons... are a new topic. The weapons' menacing looks, coupled with the public's confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons -- anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun -- can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons." -- "Assault Weapons: Analysis, New Research and Legislation" Josh Sugarmann, March 1989

That's gotta hurt!

Kerry has lower favorables than Ashcroft!

A Paradigm Shift

CBS never saw the blog-lash coming

A New Product From Microsoft

The Curt Jester introduces a new product from Microsoft:

MS Forger

Introducing a new product in our Office line called Microsoft Forger. We have been copying other peoples software ideas for years, so who is better to provide you with a product that imitates other peoples style and signature. Microsoft Forger is the ultimate product for pundit-proof forgery.

Even if you are just getting into forgery or are an old hand, this product will deliver all the power that you need to turn out credible documents with little or no effort.

Just look at some of the incredible features included.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Timing

One thing that has bother me about Rathergate is the timing. Not the timing of the release of the alleged memo copies to CBS News, but the time the memos were allegedly written.
In 1972 & 1973, Nixon was putting the US Military though a massive Reduction In Force. They were forcing people who wanted to stay in to retire.
Full time, active Reserves personnel were being transferred to the inactive Reserves with "don't call us, we'll call you" orders.
Other pilots in the TANG at the time have come out saying that there were more pilots than planes and anybody who wanted out and had a halfway reasonable excuse (going to graduate school was one acceptable reason) was given a Honorable Discharge. They were solving the Personnel Officer's problem for him.
In this case, GWB was an officer trained on an aircraft that was being actively phased out of active service.
The TANG had more pilots than planes and staring at a major reduction in federal funds due to the ongoing RIF.
Why would an effort be made to force a pilot to stay in the TANG, when the SOP at the time was to actively reduce the number of pilots?

Boots & Sabers on Kerry

A fair summation:

When this whole race is over, John Kerry’s entire campaign will be summed up with the words, “You can’t be more specific?”

I truly wonder if John Kerry believes what he is saying. He is saying that dozens of countries that have declined to help America in Iraq will change their minds completely if he is elected. Beyond that, he has already decided for them how much responsibility each county will have and how much help they will give. Does he truly believe that he has the capacity to do this?

Let’s take France, for example. France has a large Muslim population that opposes America’s actions in Iraq. Much of the rest of the French population opposes America in this regard. They are generally anti-American in part because they detest America’s influence in “corrupting” their culture. Chirac has spent the last 2 years stoking the fires of anti-Americanism in France for his own political benefit. Furthermore, France’s economy is falling apart under the weight of the welfare state. Their military is pathetic and they couldn’t field a battalion in Iraq if they wanted to. How, exactly, will John Kerry reverse all of these factors and bring France into the fold?


Does John Kerry really believe that he is so smart, so powerful, and so charismatic that he can bend the world to his will by calling a conference? What kind of arrogance does a man have to possess to believe that?

Fisking Rather

Done well by the NRO Kerry Spot

That didn't take long...


Dont' forget the older site, Ratherbias.com

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Down from the Mountain...

I'm not sure how this comic made into the Boston Globe...

Get Fuzzy, a political, non-policial comic.

Hmmm...Between that strip and Mallard Filmore, the comic section has more balance than its editorial page.

Perhaps the Internet is getting crowded...

Here is a test. I'll venture that most folks who read this blog will pass.

Typewriter technology...

For those who point out that typewriters existed in the early 70's that could product that font, they are close to right.
The Shape of Days blog points out the following:

For a couple of days now we've been talking about whether the CBS memos could have been produced using the technology available in 1972 and 1973. We've talked about two typewriters mainly, both widely used at that time: the IBM Executive series and the IBM Selectric series.

Though the question has hardly been conclusively answered, the consensus of opinion among interested parties seems to be that neither an Executive nor a Selectric could have produced these memos.

My purpose here is not to debate the relative merits of either of those typewriters; that discussion is happening elsewhere. Rather, I want to take a moment to consider the dark horse candidate, the one piece of equipment that is widely believed to have been capable of producing a document similar to these memos, but that has been dismissed as being so improbable an alternative as to hardly bear talking about.

I'm referring to the IBM Selectric Composer. This machine resembles a sophisticated electric typewriter in most respects, but is in fact a full-fledged cold-type typesetting machine. (Cold type as opposed to hot type, machines like the Linotype that would cast entire lines of type in molten lead as the typesetter worked. Ah, those were the days.)

Whenever the topic has turned to the Selectric Composer, it has been dismissed out-of-hand as being far too expensive an item to find in an office on an Air National Guard base: The machine sold for anywhere from $3,600 to $4,400, and fonts were extra and not cheap. Furthermore, the Composer was widely agreed to be far too complicated and slow a machine to use for typing up memoranda, especially ones that were destined to go into a file and not even be distributed.

Many commenters have pointed out — and I'm trying to read 'em all, I promise! — that I'm talking about $3,600 to $4,400 in unadjusted 1973 dollars here. If you use one of the widely available deflation or purchasing-power calculators, you end up with an equivalent in 2004 dollars of between about $16,000 and about $22,000. Bottom line: despite its fairly innocuous appearance, the Selectric Composer was no ordinary office typewriter. It was a pricey little number.

Hardly what a TANG Lt. Colonel would use to produce a Charlie Yankee Alpha memo...
But for the sake of argument, let's say he had the four and half grand lying around and the desire to use a typesetting machine to type a memo (remember we're talking about someone who wrote all of this "other" memos out in longhand), could this amazing bit of early's 70's tech duplicate the "Rather Memos"?

It appears not.

No surprise here...

Kerry plays the race card.

His decent down the low road is continuing as expected...

60 Minutes: BUSTED!!

The Shockwave Flash file.

An excellent point!

The Mudville Gazette points out:

Not much has yet been made of the fact that this fraud has been perpetrated in the name of a deceased military officer, Lt. Col. Jerry Killian of the Texas Air National Guard. CBS's claims actually besmirch the reputation of a man who served his country nobly and well, a man whose opinions (by all accounts of those who knew him best - his family) were the exact opposite of those expressed in the Rather Forgeries. A man who after spending a lifetime defending his country is no longer able to defend himself.

And yes, the Rather forgeries. Perhaps he didn't do them himself, but we're not likely to hear from him any time soon who did. The appropriate sendoff for this sloppy partisan hack will be to have his name become synonymous with shoddy journalism, unreliable reporting, unethical behavior, and criminal acts.

The Gazette recommends this Powerline summary.

Set the Wayback Machine...

...to one year ago toda and you find:

Our so-called "friends" the French.

CBS has a poor history in choosing so-called experts.

From the Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal:

If the documents indeed turn out to be fakes, it won't be the first time CBS has been snookered by partisans in a presidential race.

In 1992, Bill Clinton's presidential campaign was nearly ended when tapes between the Arkansas governor and cabaret singer Gennifer Flowers were released. At the time, KCBS, the network's owned-and-operated affiliate in Los Angeles, took the tape and submitted it to private detective and forensic tape expert Anthony Pellicano for analysis. Mr. Pellicano's conclusions that the tapes were "misleading" and "not credible" played a role in Mr. Clinton surviving the controversy.

Only later was it learned that Mr. Pellicano had no formal training in evaluating tapes and was at the time being paid by Democratic sources to squelch "bimbo eruptions" surrounding Mr. Clinton. In other words, Mr. Clinton's own private eye was able to discredit one of the most damaging eruptions that preceded Monica Lewinsky. In his own memoirs published this year, Mr. Clinton confessed to the Flowers affair, contradicting his fierce denials at the time.

Years later, Mr. Pellicano did demonstrate facility with tapes when police investigating threats made against Los Angeles Times reporter Anita Busch uncovered evidence that Mr. Pellicano had been involved and had also illegally wiretapped her conversations. Mr. Pellicano is now serving a 2 1/2 year federal prison term for possessing firearms and explosives. A federal grand jury is still investigating allegations that he wiretapped Hollywood celebrities. CBS would be wise to conclude its internal investigation quickly. If it results in bad news, it should cut its losses immediately.

Meanwhile, former Clinton and Gore operative Chris Lehane, an acknowledged master of the black arts of opposition research, is already making the rounds on television hinting that Karl Rove could have planted fake National Guard documents to embarrass Democrats. If CBS is offered that scoop, my advice is simple: Don't take it, no matter how many documents with Karl Rove's signature you are shown.

Invasion of the Clintonites!

Oh my...Vernon Jordon, Clintonite lawyer best known as being tasked to find Monica Lewinsky a job after her, ahem, service to President Clinton, is now on the Kerry team!

He's the head of the debate handling team.

It's not the first time, an gathering of Clintonites have been refered to as an invasion.

"The Clintonites, like pod people from a "Star Trek" adventure, have peeled off the thin layer of centrist rhetoric that they wore for the presidential campaign. We now learn that they are people genetically bred to inhabit the public sector. Their oxygen source is the moisture of taxes, which are remitted by the aliens in the private sector." -- Wall Street Journal February 19, 1993

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Never Forget...

You know my methods, Watson

In this case though, it's not Holmes lecturing Watson.

It's James Carville, and the rest of the Clinton Hit Squad, lecturing John Kerry.

Rathergate Part 5

Protein Wisdom sums up the Liberal MSM response.

It’s official. The Boston Globe purposely misled its readers. Hell, who am I kidding?—the Globe outright lied. Bill INDC has the scoop:
I just interviewed Dr. Bouffard again, and he’s angry that the Globe has misrepresented him. He’s been getting hate mail and nasty phone calls since last night’s story was posted, and he wants me to correct the record. He did not change his mind, and he and his colleagues are becoming more certain that these documents are forgeries [emphasis in original].

Read the whole thing.

I’m with Dean on this: how am I ever supposed to trust the mainstream media again?

Face it, folks: this story is no longer about George Bush’s Air National Guard record. It’s about those in the mainstream media who have made the turn toward bald-faced political advocacy—about a willingness on the part of certain media members to manipulate stories for maximum impact, so long as the narrative they ultimately proffer serves their peculiar idea of the greater good. In short, this is the postmodern turn at its most cynical.

Well, we’re on to you, you gaggle of ink-stained Derrideans. And all I can say is, thank God Al Gore invented the internet…

Byron York looks at the CBS documents and compares them with actual TANG documents written about the President and his service in the TANG.

Powerline has a great animated gif that flips between a Rathergate document and one created with MS-Word.
Don't forget to check out the flash animation showing how to create your very own early 1970's TANG documents using MS-Word!

There is also this simple item, the original documents can be tested for age!
Of course, Powerline is all over this.

Day by Day jumps in the fray...

Rathergate Part 4

According to the Dallas Morning News:

Man named in Bush memo left Guard before document was written

The man named in a disputed memo as exerting pressure to "sugar coat" President Bush's military record left the Texas Air National Guard a year and a half before the memo was supposedly written, his own service record shows.

An order obtained by The Dallas Morning News shows that Col. Walter "Buck" Staudt was honorably discharged on March 1, 1972. CBS News reported this week that a memo in which Staudt was described as interfering with officers' negative evaluations of Bush's service, was dated Aug. 18, 1973.

That added to mounting questions about the authenticity of documents that seem to suggest Bush sought special favors and did not fulfill his service.

Mr. Reynolds has more.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Rathergate Part 3

A few interesting points found at The Belmont Club:

The Ben Barnes interview by Dan Rather set the table for the introduction of the phony memos about George Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard. The story line was: rich boy got undeserved special treatment, performed poorly, and lied about it ever since. Hence the credibility of Ben Barnes in that interview is important.

We already know that Barnes is the #3 Kerry contributor through bundling, and that Barnes has a past full of scandals, including allegations by federal prosecutors that Barnes bribed a lottery company executive to the tune of $500,000. These are issues that go to Barnes’ credibility. However, we didn’t learn these things from Dan Rather.

Nor did we learn about Dan Rather’s personal fund raising efforts on behalf of the Travis County Democratic Party, where Ben Barnes sits on the Finance Council. Rather raised $20,000 for the organization on March 21, 2001. Rather has extensive personal ties to Travis county: he owns a home in the Austin area, and his daughter Robin, an environmentalist and marketing executive, is said to have considered running for mayor of Austin as a Democrat. Rather has sometimes now said that he attended the fundraiser as a favor to his daughter, but he told Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post on April 4, 2001 that he agreed to appear “at the invitation of an old friend, Austin City Council member Will Wynn.” Rather’s appearance at a Democratic Party fundraiser was contrary to the official policies of CBS and most of the MSM.

Now, three years later, Rather interviewed the same fellow without disclosing the reporter’s previous involvement in raising money for the Democratic Party of Travis County, or his other, even larger, conflict of interest. If Robin Rather wants to have a future in Democratic politics in Austin, she needs the support of Ben Barnes and the other movers and shakers among Travis County Democrats, including those on the Finance Council.

Dan Rather had no business conducting the interview with Ben Barnes because of his extensive conflicts of interests. Since he chose to do the interview anyway, at a minimum he should have disclosed his conflicts, or CBS should have done so for him.

The weakest point in the talking points:

The disobeyment of a direct order.

This would require Bush's signature on the initial order and plenty of other paper work if the order was actually disobeyed.

i.e. a paper trail with other signatures besides Killian's.

What did Kerry know and when did Kerry know it?

From Polipundit:

More than six weeks ago, an opposition research staffer for the Democratic National Committee received documents purportedly written by President George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard squadron commander, the late Col. Jerry Killian.

The oppo researcher claimed the source was "a retired military officer." According to a DNC staffer, the documents were seen by both senior staff members at the DNC, as well as the Kerry campaign.

"More than a couple people heard about the papers," says the DNC staffer. "I've heard that they ended up with the Kerry campaign, for them to decide to how to proceed, and presumably they were handed over to 60 Minutes, which used them the other night. But I know this much. When there was discussion here, there were doubts raised about their authenticity."

Polipundit follows up with Rather's response.
Don't forget Dan Rather's history.

Rathergate continues...

CNN finally picks up the story.

John Podhoretz writes a stinging column in the New York Post

You Decide!

Classy vs. Trashy

Tony picks the pictures and You decide!

As fair and balanced as CBS News/60 Minutes!


I swiped the title from CD Harris' blog. Too cool not too...

Rathergate makes the, ahem, "mainstream media" with this article on the front page of the Washington Post.

He's back!

Who pays taxes...

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm only surprised by the poor field craft...

It seems that the 32-year-old documents produced Wednesday by CBS NEWS/60 Minutes on President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service may have been forged using a current word processing program.

Can't the folks at the DNC find an old typewriter on EBay?
I'll promote the conspiracy theory of the week here & now.
This sloppy forgery was created and put forth by HRC operatives to torpedo the Kerry campaign, giving HRC a shot at the White House in 2008.
Share & Enjoy!

More details over at Powerline & thanks to Leslie Bates for pointing this story out to me!
Leslie has a few words about the smoking word-processor in the DNC's hand.

Now the Weekly Standard is chiming in on the strong possibility that the memos are forgeries.

If these are forgeries, the following questions have to be answered:
What did John Kerry know about the forgeries?
When did John Kerry know about the forgeries?
How high up in the Kerry Campaign and the DNC did the approval of the forgeries go?

Kerry Logic

Hog on Ice has some prime examples.

Time for Trudeau to pay up!

Wizbang reminds us that far left wing cartoonist Gary Trudeau offered to pay $10,000 if someone personally witnessed George W. Bush reporting for drills at Dannelly Air National Guard Base between the months of May and November of 1972.

It seems that Mr. Trudeau has been doubly blessed.

Clock Watching

The 60 Minutes Equal Time Clock

Our friends the French...

It seems it was all about the oil...

He's got a list...

Take the time to read Varifrank's list. It's a good one.

Is that shotgun legal in the Commonwealth?

Bitter Bitch wants to know.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Ok, given that Kerry's Senate attendence record during the Clinton years was only 18%, he may have noticed that the Kyoto Treaty was never going to pass the Senate. That is why Bill Clinton (who has more campaigning skill in Little Willy than Kerry has in his whole body) never bothered to send it to the Senate.

Yet, the AWOL Senator from the Commonwealth claims in this MTV Interview that passing Kyoto is the key to getting allies in the War on Terror.

What media bias?

Overtaken by Events points out:

Isn't it strange that the biggest difference between the Bush National Guard stories and the Kerry Vietnam controversy is that, in the President's case, it's the major media dogging the story to death? I don't seem to recall any hard-nosed investigative reporting into Kerry's involvement with Vietnam Veterans against the War, a group that actively considered proposals to assassinate government officals. Nor has the New York Times bothered to dig into Kerry's actual testimony before the Senate in which he impugned every man that served.

However, you bring up the possibility that Dubya missed a doctor's appointment, and the AP will spend three years applying all of the resources necessary to uncover the TRUTHtm.

More details over at Instapundit.

Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark!

Hugh Hewitt delivers this stinging comment:

"[T]he weakness of Kerry as a candidate is obvious from the fact that it has now been 38 days since Kerry sat down on camera with a major figure from American journalism for an in-depth interview that would be certain to bring up Kerry's whoppers about his Vietnam service. Kerry's still in the box he built from himself of fables of CIA men and hats and gun-running to Cambodia."

Found on Instapundit.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another sign that Kerry is desperate

The so-called "Bush AWOL" non-story is being hauled out again. As CD Harris points out:

To repeat: This specious accusation has been debunked a dozen times over, so thoroughly that repeating it is dispositive proof that the speaker places partisan advantage over even the most elementary fidelity to truth-seeking and, therefore, does not deserve to be taken seriously. Yet the Left-Wing Opposition - from Michael Moore all the way up to their Presidential nominee - continues to repeat it, unchallenged by the "objective" press. So we will doubtless have to go on playing Whack-A-Mole with it until after 2 November. Mr. Bloyer's piece will be an invaluable resource in that effort.

Don't forget the second pilot who came forward to say he saw Bush in Alabama, or the retired Air Force General views on the Boston Globe article that misquoted him and started this non-story.

"Giving Them Aid and Comfort"

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

For those in LA...

Via Moxie:
Liberty Film Festival:

"america's first conservative Film festival

right before the election

right in the heart of hollywood

& there's nothing michael moore can do about it."

Trying to get to his record...

He does it again.

A brilliant column by James Lileks.

News tidbits

"No one wants to make major investments in the wake of a presidential candidate [democrat John Kerry] whose economic agenda would substantially raise taxes on investment and thus substantially raise the cost of capital in America"' says investment specialist Robert Grusky of New Mountain Capital.

"What do investors find so repugnant about Kerry-Edwards? In the past, the stock market has not performed, on average, much differently in Democratic and Republican administrations. What seems to have the markets especially spooked about this Democratic ticket is that it has embraced what I call the three terrible T's: tariffs, taxes and trial lawyers." -- Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth

"He says he's in touch with the West. He must mean western Massachusetts."
— Vice President Dick Cheney, on Democratic presidential nominee and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry

Monday, September 06, 2004

The 404 error pops up the strangest places.

The Mudville Gazette claims the Kerry campaign is pulling a Kos.

What's a few million dollars give or take to the Bush-Haters?

Via Blackfive, N.Z. Bear points out that MoveOn has some discrepancies in their donations vs. spending.

I like the sound of this word!


As a resident of the Commonwealth, I agree with the theory, but they are leaving out a major factor.
Not only was he a "three term governor who had presided over, nay created, an economic Miracle", he made the "Massachusetts Miracle", the cornerstone of his campaign. He was going to do to the national economy what he did to the Massachusetts economy.

Then the reality of the situation came out. Massachusetts was bankrupt. He had taxed major high tech companies right out of the state, and his massive spending programs sucked the treasury dry.

A good reminder

Via Maidenjedi, Vladimir Putin is not your friend.

There are probably democrats out there who think like this...

Sunday, September 05, 2004


James Carville and his wife Mary Matlin are on Meet the Press this morning.
I think Carville is great. I don't agree with him, but he's damn good at what he does.
It's a shame his wife hasn't talked sense into him yet.

One across the Bow! Mary just nailed a good one, pointing out that liberals aways blame a female campaign manager when their lily white male male Presidential candidate blows it.

James came back well until he said that former President Clinton left the United States the most respected country on Earth.
Wake up call James, it was Clinton's handling of the US government that lead the Terrorists to think that the 9/11/01 attacks would go unpunished.

Mary is bring up Kerry's Senate voting record. Will the first words out of James' mouth call that an attack?
It seems that Tim beat him to it. James actually started off by calling Senator Zell Miller senile.
James then goes on to completely avoid the issue of John Kerry's Senate voting record and turn it right into an attack on the President.

It's interesting to listen to liberals criticize anything concerning Iraq. These are the folks who insisted that there would be tens of thousands of US & British military dead when they took on the "battle hardened" Iraqi Army, and that there would be massive Iraqi civilian casualties due to widespread starvation unless the UN was brought in immediately and given complete control of the country.

Can we talk about your Senate voting record now?

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing this one out.

To answer the question, according to the Kerry campaign, not yet.
Dick Gephart was on Fox News Sunday today. Any time when faced with John Kerry's actual record, he shifted the subject.
Mr. Gephart was the Kerry standard bearer for attacks against the President.

Set the Wayback Machine...

...to one year ago today and you find an example of how the current policy is winning the war on Terror.
You also get an example of typical democrat tactics (which thankfullly didn't work), and some humor.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

It's getting embarressing to be from the Commonwealth...

Glenn Reynolds has a good round up of how Kerry is not dealing well with the heat.

A What The (BLEEP) Moment...

...or why I call my blog "Living In The Surreal World."

A key difference between the right and left...

When President Reagan announced his fatal illness, with notable exceptions, the left cheered.
When it was announced that former President Clinton is going in for heart surgery, you get the following from the right leaning blogsphere:

Get Well Soon - CD Harris

best wishes for a speedy recovery - Croooow Blog

Please keep President Clinton in your prayers. - Boots & Sabers

I wish him a speedy recovery. - Me.

hope the former President makes a swift recovery -- Absinthe & Cookies

I wish former president Clinton well, and hope his surgery is successful. -- Michelle Malkin

Former President Bill Clinton goes into the hospital for a bypass. Whatever one may think about his presidency, or even the character of the man himself, one can’t think of this without feeling for him, Hillary, and for Chelsea. Seeing a loved one go into surgery is a hard, hard thing to do, and I hope everyone, left,right and center, will be offering hopeful, encouraging and sympathetic words their way in the coming days. -- The National Review Kerry Spot

Of course, the Usual Suspects to spread the expected lies.


The Village Voice is starting to sound shakey on Kerry!

Bottom line: Watch third-party (and Nader's) numbers begin to climb as united-front near-lefty Dems peel off the Kerry campaign looking for somewhere to hide.

As CD Harris points out:
Do I hear rather large woman warming up over there?
George McGovern will be pleased. His 1972 run might just cease to be the standard example of a hopelessly incompetent, out-of-touch campaign. I wonder how many Democrat primary voters wish they'd pulled the lever for Joe Lieberman at this point....

Mr. Reynolds nails it.

For someone from contact sport political arena of New England, Kerry is pretty damn thin skinned when his voting record in Senate is discussed.
Yes, you served as a Swift Boat Commander in Vietnam for four and half months over thirty years ago.
I've got got at least four Vietnam veterans in my family, including my father.
I respect your service and give you credit for it. You want to be President come January 20, 2005.
Your voting record in the Senate (in which you have had a rather poor attendance record, since your election to that body in 1984), is a valid subject to discuss and review.
You if don't want your Sentate voting record discussed, why are you even running for President?
Let's not forget the other elected office you held.