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Monday, August 09, 2004

Which war is important?

Mark Steyn says:

Look, I would rather talk about the war. The current one, I mean — not the one that ended three decades ago. But, insofar as I understand the rules of Campaign 2004, every time any member of the administration says anything about the present conflict, he is accused by Democrats of shamelessly "politicizing" it. Whereas every time John Kerry waxes nostalgic about those fragrant memories of the Mekong Delta, he should be allowed to take his unending stroll down memory lane unmolested. After all, as everyone from John Edwards to Max Cleland to Bill Clinton has assured us, being a Swift boat commander for four months is the indispensable qualification for being president. When Hillary runs in 2008, no doubt she'll be leaning heavily on her four months running a Swift boat up and down the Shatt al-Arab during the Iraq war.

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing this out.
Here is my take, Kerry is basing his entire campaign on his 4 months in Vietnam 40 years ago. Nothing about his time in the Senate (which was pretty non-productive), and claims it better prepares him for Commander in Chief than President Bush's 3 years experience as a war time President.