Urbin Report

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Unbalanced news

From the Washington Times:

Both parties have seized upon the military records of President Bush and Sen. John Kerry as fodder for argument. But the conservative Media Research Center (MRC) has found that ABC, CBS and NBC are siding with the Kerry cause.
The three networks devoted 75 stories on Democrats' accusations that Mr. Bush had been "AWOL" during his service in the Alabama Air National Guard, but featured only nine stories on Mr. Kerry's "embellished war record" and gave "no respect to Swift Boat vets for truth," noted the MRC's Richard Noyes yesterday.
"Back in February, the three broadcast networks were obsessed with the story of President Bush's National Guard service. But in May, when John Kerry's former Navy colleagues from Vietnam went to the National Press Club to charge that Kerry's tales of heroism as a Swift Boat commander were highly exaggerated, those same networks acted as if their job was to bury the news, not report it," Mr. Noyes said.