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Thursday, August 26, 2004

That's gonna leave a mark...

Varifrank takes John Kerry to the verbal woodshed:

Didn't it occur to you even a little bit, that standing up and saluting like a total fob and saying " Reporting for duty" after you sat in front of the Senate in 1971 with a fatigue shirt and long hair and told tales of "Americas war criminals" that somehow the "Band of Brothers" made for TV presentation schtick, might ring a bit hollow?

Here you are, with a 15% polling tailwind from the press reduced to Michael Moore street theatre with Max Cleland doing your dirty work in front of the cameras.

Do you know how non-presidential this looks? Can you do anything else to look more petty, small and dare I say "lawyer-ish".

If you can't take a punch from a guy like Bush, how are you going to deal with Chirac? or the Iranians? or for that matter, all the other Republicans in Congress, who want nothing more in life than to be the one who spills your guts out on the floor.

This is real hardball politics and your response is to go on "The Daily Show"? Really Mr. Kerry, THE DAILY SHOW? Do you hold me and the rest of the American public in such contempt that your first show after the convention is on a cable comedy satire show?

Read the whole thing. It's harsh and entirely on target.

The New York Post joins this bandwagon and points out this bit of key information from the so-call "interview":
Ironically, as he was appearing on a late-night comedy show staged four nights a week as a parody of TV news programs, Kerry bemoaned the fact that "intelligent conversation" is largely missing from the campaign. "I think most Americans would like to have a much more intelligent conversation about where the country's going," the candidate told the comedian. Yes, we would, senator, but that's not going to happen if you accept interview invitations only from late-night comedians

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