Urbin Report

Saturday, August 28, 2004

More on target commentary by Varifrank

He finishes up a monologue with:

If Senator Kerry is lucky, we will talk about Vietnam until election day. Kerrys "semester in Vietnam" is acting as a shield for the Senators horrific record in the past 35 years. It is his only grappling hook on the cliff of legitimacy. If we begin to talk about anything else, Kerry will be exposed as the weak candidate who was getting his patrician ass handed to him by Howard Dean, not 9 months ago. If the election were about anything else but the existance of a military record, no matter how wafer thin it may be, Howard Dean would be in this fight, and if I may add, He would have done a lot better the how John F. Kerry will do.

Personally, I disagree with his statement that Kerry's war record is more like LBJ's than John Kennedy's.
Senator Kerry was a Swift Boat commander, performing rivertine warfare for four and half months.
It was dangerous work and he did it. You can't take that away from him.
There are questions that should have been asked though.