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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More bad news for John Kerry

From the Washington Times:

Medal of Honor recipient Col. George E. "Bud" Day, an Air Force fighter pilot who spent six years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, is going after Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, comparing him to one of history's most famous traitors.
Col. Day was a Hanoi Hilton cellmate of Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and takes issue with the defense of Mr. Kerry by "my good friend, John."
Mr. Kerry's 1971 U.S. Senate testimony as a returned Vietnam veteran, claiming atrocities and war crimes by fellow U.S. servicemen, was "outright perjury, absolute lies, fabrications, fantasies with no substance [that] gave 'aid and comfort' to our enemies, the Vietnamese communists," Col. Day said in a message to fellow veterans obtained by The Washington Times.
Col. Day said Mr. Kerry "opened up his character as a war hero, reporting for duty to the country with a hand-salute, and his band of brothers, of which he was the chief hero."
"I draw a direct comparison of Gen. Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War to Lt. John Kerry," Col. Day said. "Both went off to war, fought, and then turned against their country.
"General Arnold crossed over to the British for money and position. John Kerry crossed over to the Vietnamese with his assistance to the anti-war movement, and his direct liaison with the Vietnamese diplomats in Paris. His reward: Political gain. Senator, United States."