Urbin Report

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Miller on Kerry

Senator Zell Miller (democrat Georgia) said on Meet the Press today:

I found [John Kerry's] speech amazingly evasive. It was the same gobbledegook, same baffle gab that you have always heard from John Kerry. He said that he had a plan for Iraq, but then he never got around to telling you what that plan was. He said that he was going to increase troops by 40,000, and special ops, he was going to double, but I'm not going to send them to Iraq. I don't know exactly where he stands on these things still.

I know this, that John Kerry was on that Intelligence Committee for eight years. They had 49 meetings. He missed 38 of those meetings. And I also know that they had a number of meetings that were classified. We don't know how many of those he missed. I think he ought to tell us.

This is a man who voted to cut every single one of the weapons systems that won the Cold War.

This is a man that voted against the weapons system that we're using to fight the war on terror. This is a man who voted against increases in intelligence funding. He wanted to cut intelligence funding.