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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Michele, don't hold your breath...

Chris Matthews owes Michele Malkin an apology.


  1. Did you see the Hardball segment in question? I was on her side until I saw what actually happened.

    I'd trackback this, but I don't see a tb button: http://www.jadbury.com/blog/?postid=106 dd

  2. I read the transcripts. I think Ms. Malkin is playing the victim card a bit. On the other hand, Matthew's hardass routine works better when he's prepared. The only reason he could get away with debating a book he admitted that he hadn't read was that it's his bloody show. Then making the mistake of confusing a self-inflicted wound with "shooting yourself on purpose," and then getting mad at Malkin for his ignorance of the difference between the two.

    It wasn't one of Chris Matthew's finest moments.