Urbin Report

Friday, August 06, 2004

Kerry on NPR

I listened to a slow pitch softball interview with democrat Senators Kerry & Edwards this morning on NPR.

There were a couple of things in it that caught my attention:

  • Kerry said that he wants to remove 40% of the US troops in Iraq, day one, and replace them with troops from our "allies." It appears that he missed the news that the UN can't find troops for it's "peacekeeping missions." Of course, no details on how he plans on actually doing this.
  • Kerry says the US needs a more effective intelligence operation. This is in direct contradiction of his votes, including one cast after September 11, 2001, to cut federal intelligence funding.
  • Kerry wants to increase the size of the active duty military by 40,000 troops. He said that these troops would go to Bosnia, Liberia, Kosovo and Korea. Are these not the very places where the UN already has troops (including large number of US troops)? Why are his plans for these hot spots in the very opposite of his plans for Iraq?
  • Kerry wants to double the size of the Special Forces. This is actually a good idea, if it can be pulled off without lowering the quality of those units.
  • The "reporter" did Kerry the favor of disarming the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group by refering to them as a "Republican" group, rather than a group of concerned Vietnam Veterans.