Urbin Report

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

He's got that right

The Heartless Libertarian says:

Yesterday, it finally hit me why Carter and Clinton won't go away: their administrations were failures. Carter's failure was big enough to limit him to one term. Clinton's produced some good things-NAFTA and welfare reform foremost among them-but those were largely pet issues for the GOP, not Democrats. And at any rate, those issues are overshadowed by the Lewinsky affair. so what they're trying to do is overshadow their failure in office with their actions afterward.


  1. if only lewinsky wasn't so ugly, maybe it could have been a success instead of a failure.

  2. To steal line from one of the two responsible adults of the Clinton administration, Billy Jeff Clinton is no Jack Kennedy.
    Let's look at the facts here, who was Jack Kennedy screwing (besides every starlet and loose skirt in D.C.)? The Number One Sex Symbol in America, that's who.
    The one, the only, Marilyn Monroe. We're talking full bore, her ankles locked behind his back, what most Americans would agree as, sexual intercourse.

    Bubba Clinton on the other hand, was getting sloppy head from chunky interns in the Oval Office can.

    As American, if my President is going to screw around, I'd rather he do us proud, JFK style, rather than the embarrassing BJ Clinton style.

    Speaking of style, Jackie Kennedy had it all over HRC. Hillary turned a blind eye to little Willie making the rounds for political reasons.
    Mrs. Kennedy proved that Vassar had it all over Wellesley.
    She would with malicious forethought invite all of Jack's mistresses to large White House dinners.
    They would all be seated together, at the same table, way in back by door to the kitchen, while Mrs. Kennedy sat next to the President at the head of the room.
    I'll bet there were some uncomfortable moments when the various husbands and boyfriends figured out what all the women at the table had in common...