Urbin Report

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Boo Frickin' Hoo!

Dr. Evil could have been talking about the democrats whining about the new book written by the Naval Officer who took over command of John Kerry's swiftboat.

According to Drudge, a Kerry spokesweasel whines:

"They hired a goddamn private investigator to dig up trash!" charged a top Kerry adviser traveling with the senator late Tuesday. "This is pay for play, and the dirtiest of all dirty tricks ever played on a candidate for the presidency. How low can they go?"

Oh...I'd say the bar is pretty low. It was the democrats who hired private investigators do dig into George W. Bush's past during the 2000 campaign. It was the Clinton White House who instructed their attack machine to smear any woman who dared speak up after BJ Clinton forced himself on them. It was James Carville and Larry Flynt who lead the media attack on any member of the Congress who dared to oppose the Clinton administration.

The current whining of the Kerry campaign is posturing and hypocrisy.