Urbin Report

Monday, August 23, 2004

Blame it on the liberal media...

The flack Kerry is taking from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is obviously the fault of the liberal media.
Come on, connect the dots here. This is coming up now, because Kerry has been getting a free ride about his war record for years.
Let us, for the sake of argument, pretend that Senator Kerry is a Republican instead of a democrat, and also for the sake of this argument that none of his Medals, or how he got them is under question.

In this senario, Senator Kerry would have been asked "tough" questions by the like of Katie Couric and Chris Matthews during the primaries that would have kept him from getting his party's nomination.

Questions like:

"Let's get this straight Senator, you told the Boston Globe that you volunteered for the Swift Boats because at the time they where doing coastal patrol and not seeing much combat. Then once they started seeing combat doing rivertine warfare, you were the only man on Swift Boats, Officer or Enlisted, to take advantage of the of the 3 Purple Heart rule to get out of a combat zone. Isn't that right Senator?"

"About your three Purple Hearts Senator. Isn't it true that you never spent one night a hospital due to your wounds?"

"Senator, is it true that you took your boat, and your crew, back out in to harms way, just to reenact privious combat actions and film them with a 8mm camera you purchased expressly for that purpose?"

Let's be honest here...that is exactly what would have happened to a Republican if they had Kerry's record.
Instead, he gets a free ride, just like that liar Senator Harkin did.