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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Moore inaccurate statements

Via the Oriental Redneck:

E! Online, June 25, 2004:

"It's a violation of my First Amendment rights that I cannot advertise my movie. It's a movie," said Moore. "I have not publicly endorsed John Kerry. I am an independent; I am not a member of the Democratic Party."

Merits (or not) of Moore's complaint aside, this bit from the Smoking Gun amused the heck out of me (via LGF):

New York City Board of Elections records show that Moore, 50, registered to vote in Gotham in 1992, checking off "Democratic" as his party affiliation (below you'll find a copy of his original registration form). He listed his address as the swanky Upper West Side building where he owns a multimillion dollar condominium (Moore's office is on West 57th Street). The filmmaker's New York registration remains active, though he has not voted since an October 2001 Democratic runoff election.

Now here's the good part: Moore is simultaneously registered to vote in Michigan, where registrants aren't even given the option of party affiliation (so he's not an Independent there either). According to Antrim County records, Moore registered last April from his lakefront spread in northern Michigan, where he reportedly splits his time, but has yet to vote in Michigan. He transferred his drivers license to Michigan from New York around the same time, though Moore has a Volkswagen Beetle registered from his Manhattan home.

This New York City voting history list, dated June 28, 2004, shows Moore's registration and voting history since 1992.