Urbin Report

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

What Media Bias (From the Washington Times):

Sen. John Kerry "had the best press of any nominee we've ever tracked — 81 percent positive," the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs said in announcing a content analysis of network evening newscasts in January and February.

The organization also found that "Democratic primary candidates have gotten 60 percent good press since 1988, compared to 45 percent for Republicans."
"The numbers, from the group founded and headed by Dr. S. Robert Lichter, were featured in the March/April issue of the group's newsletter, Media Monitor, an issue just mailed at the end of last week," another news watchdog group, the Media Research Center (www.mediaresearch.org), said yesterday.
As of yesterday, the Center for Media and Public Affairs had yet to post the results on its Web site (www.cmpa.com).
Meanwhile, the latest report from Media Tenor (www.mediatenor.com), an independent media analysis institute, found that "since April, the networks have practically abandoned coverage of President Bush's economic policy — even as the economy and labor market have shown signs of significant improvement."