Urbin Report

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I was eyeing the latest John Ringo novel, "Hero", at the bookstore the other day.
It looked good, but not $25 good at the time. It's freshly out in hardcover, and I wasn't sure I could wait until it came out in softcover.

Then I remembered the advice of my friend Leonard and scampered over to the Baen website, and checked the elibrary. There it was! $5 later, I was downloaded Hero in RTF, HTML & .prc format. I've been reading books on my PDA for years, so I know this is a good fit. When I bought John Ringo's book "There Will Be Dragons" (in hardcover), it contained the one of the Baen CD library discs. That book was included. I read it on my Palm. I only opened the book to take out the CD and to put it back when I mailed the dead tree version to my brother.

After the cost of publishing and distributing hardcovers, it is pretty much certain that Baen made more money off my download than if I had purchased the hardcover at B&N. Since the formats I got for my $5 are unencrypted and not "copy protected" in anyway, I can back them up with the rest of my data with no problems, and I can read it on any of my computers.