Urbin Report

Monday, May 03, 2004

May Day: A Day Of Remembrance

For over a hundred years, May Day has been celebrated as a holiday for workers to commemorate their struggle for a better life and honor their contributions to society.

The international labor movement has long purported to be an advocate of policies intended to help workers. Yet, too often, the same policies have resulted not in empowerment of workers, but rather their oppression. The more radical part of the labor movement has espoused political systems whose unintended consequences have in past times turned against the very workers they were intended to support. Under the regimes that implemented these systems, more often then not, workers were crushed under the heavy boot of tyranny. They were systematically bludgeoned to subsistence levels, and their standard of living was reduced to that of primitives. Along with the improvements in wages and working conditions in certain parts of the world, the 20th century also resulted in large scale decimation of workers, with the most vulnerable falling prey the easiest.

To mark this day, we at Catallarchy remember those who lost their lives and fell victim to the ideologies mistakenly espoused by those who claimed to elevate the workers of the world.