Urbin Report

Thursday, May 27, 2004

HARD ROCK VS. CHOMSKY: via Andrew Sullivan:
Here's a delightful interview with rock star, John Schaffer, of the heavy metal group, Iced Earth, by a young Chomsky-reading Canadian leftist for the online magazine, Brave Words and Brass Knuckles. Money quote:

BW&BK: "This next question is controversial so I'm letting you know before we proceed. Some political analysts have articulated the view that what happened on September 11 was justified due to America's presence in the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. Some political analysts view it as retaliation for what the US has done in the Middle East in the past. As a Canadian, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about this view that's been put forth by analysts."

JS: "No, it wasn't justified. Not at all. And anybody who says so needs to have their fuckin' head examined."

BW&BK: "Do you think 9/11 will be viewed as the first event in the US empire's decline and fall?"

JS: "No. This is not an empire, first of all. If the United States was an empire, your country would be our 51st state."

BW&BK: "I understand."

No he doesn't understand. Read the whole thing. Parts of it are marvelous.