Urbin Report

Sunday, April 18, 2004

John Kerry is on Meet the Press claiming he will create 10 million jobs.
How does he plan on doing this? TAX CUTS!
...and he says he will "pay" for them.

Tim Russert points out that his math doesn't add up.
His spending plans far outstrip any possible income to the government.
There goes his other promise to balance the budget.
Unless there is a war or something like that...

Hmmm...There is that War on Terrorism going on.
Is this part of his run the middle strategy?
He's sounding more like President Bush.
Tax Cuts and a balanced budget, unless there is a war on...

"I'm going to put us back on the track we were on in the 1990s" -- democrat Senator John Kerry on Meet the Press.
Hmm...A fake stock market bubble that turned the economy on the wrong track, Enron (remember that Enron execs flew on Energy Department jets quite often during the Clinton administration), a scandal ridden administration, and a foreign policy that lead to 9/11.
If this is one of his reasons to vote for him, I'm not buying it.