Urbin Report

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I saw Kill Bill Vol 2 over the weekend. A very good movie. Different from Vol 1, but in ways a better movie.
This review (from Japan), is yet another good review of the film.

As is widely known, Tarantino has filled the Kill Bill movies with homages to his favorite films--ranging from spaghetti westerns to violent Japanese movies and kung fu flicks.

But what makes the ex-video shop clerk so special among his peers is that while he freely borrows ideas from the movies that had a big impression on him, Tarantino always manages to mix them with his own ingredients to create a unique cinematic language.

The best bit of magic he always pulls off is his ability to make an audience appreciate everything he does, no matter how cheesy a certain sequence may look or a certain joke may sound. That's because everything in a Tarantino film, whether big or small, has a reason to be there. Nothing happens by accident in his films, because every element is planned down to the smallest detail.

Tarantino surely is one of the biggest cinematic masters of our time.