Urbin Report

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Yet another example of how liberals don't let the facts get in their way.
The Town Meeting last night, in which the only department to get a budget increase, was the school department.
That will result in a tax increase that will further the gentrification of the town. Interesting enough, the lily white, liberal soccer moms don't have the slightest problem with this.
The increase only passed by less than 50 votes, or about 5% of those present & voting.
So of course, a motion was made to reconsider the budget article when the town meeting reconvenes on Monday night.
Aftewards, I was discussing the Meeting a liberal friend.
She was complaining that the item was coming up for a revote, "A win is win!" She declared.
I pointed out that it was a very close vote, so the motion to revisit was to be expected.
She laughed and said that something along the lines of recounts only happen in Florida when someone named Bush demands them.
I did my level best to politely remind her that it wasn't Bush who demanded the recounts, and that in fact, he won every time, including the first, that the votes were counted. She didn't see very happy to have facts injected in the conversation.