Urbin Report

Monday, March 15, 2004

Wretchard at the Belmont Club wrote about the Spanish General Election:

The task before the United States and its allies is to redouble its efforts in the War on Terror. It will soon become apparent who the Islamists prefer to blackmail, who the Islamists prefer to intimidate; which countries Islamism will attempt to dominate. And which live free. The more pointed the contrast the better. In this fight, America's greatest ally will be the global Jihad itself. As the terror network is squeezed so will it infest the countries which have given it succor. Every nation and territory which has surrendered to the Jihad has chosen for itself unending misery and abjection. Those who drink from the cup of Osama must endure it to its last bitter dregs.

Although many commentators have excoriated the Spanish electorate for its capitulation to terror, we must never forget that the slightly smaller half decisively rejected it. These we honor and the rest we pity.
I have my own personal view of what the consequences of Kerry victory in November could be.

It's not very pretty.