Urbin Report

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Safe and legal firearm owners in NYC, also known as Hillary Rodham Clinton's nightmare:

A "small but enthusiastic shooting culture" in New York City is
described by the New York Times in a feature on the Women's Shooting
Sports League, which gathers monthly "for a night of rifle fire and
female bonding." Says founder Amy Heath, 33: "When people think of gun
owners, they think of butt-scratching bubbas with no teeth. Women in the
heartland shoot well, so why not women in New York?" The league began
last year with only five members, has expanded this year to 15 to 20
regulars. "There's this fear, this incessant fear, that guns are bad,"
Health said. "Women think they'll shoot themselves in the foot, or shoot
someone else. I want to work against that fear." Her grandfather, Jeff
Cooper, is a National Rifle Association board member.

"It's tough to be a shooter down here," said Peter Crowell, a
60-year-old management consultant and a volunteer instructor for the
league. "New York is, of course, primarily a liberal Democratic kind of
place, and over years I've had to hide my interest."

"I consider myself the opposite of people in rooms like this," said
Julia Cohen, a lawyer who recently joined the league. "I'm a Democrat.
I'm a liberal. And I believe that guns are dangerous in the wrong
hands." Cohen discovered that the task of getting licensed was much more
difficult than she had thought. She was surprised that the authorities
wished to know if she had seen a psychiatrist or taken narcotics.