Urbin Report

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

From the Washington Times:

Debra Burlingame, a lifelong Democrat who lost a brother in the September 11 terror attacks, says other "9/11 families" are wrong to try to stifle debate by demanding that President Bush stop using TV ads that include images from that day.
"It is one thing for individual family members to invoke the memory of all 3,000 victims as they take to the microphone or podium to show respect for our collective loss. It is another for them to attempt to stifle the debate over the future direction of our country by declaring that the images of 9/11 should be off-limits in the presidential race, and to do so under the rubric of 'the Families of September 11.'
"They do not represent me. Nor do they represent those Americans who feel that September 11 was a defining moment in the history of our country and who want to know how the current or future occupant of the Oval Office views the lessons of that day," Miss Burlingame said.
She added: "I suspect that the real outrage over the ads has more to do with context than content. It's not the pictures that disturb them so much as the person who is using them. This is demonstrated in their affiliation with Moveon.org, a rabidly anti-Bush group that sponsored a rally they held last Friday calling for the president to pull his ads off the air. But by disingenuously declaring themselves 'nonpartisan' and insisting that it is a matter of 'taste,' they retain a powerful weapon that they have learned to exploit to their advantage."