Urbin Report

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Senator John F. Kerry (democrat-Taxachusetts) is on Fox News Sunday today. (He did serve in Viet-Nam you know)

Not only does he look French, he starting to sound French too...

He really is grasping as straws:
1. He still making noises about gaining allies in the war/rebuilding of Iraq. There are currently about 12 countries allied with America. The French, Germans & Russians made their own bed, and can now try to sleep in it.

2. He had the big brass ones to mention AIDS funding.

President Clinton at taxpayer expense took 1,200 friends and contributors on a free pleasure trip to Africa. But President Bush, said [founder of Live Aid, Bob] Geldof, has done more to help Africa and its people than any American President since John F. Kennedy.