Urbin Report

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Another E-Mail to Andrew Sullivan

I'm a semi-conservative (?) boomer, and I don't engage in the "boomer idiocy" you speak of. I'm a U.S. Army veteran. In 197O I was spat upon, and called the standard names, like "baby killer", or a "brain washed dupe of the military industrial complex." My trying to explain that I was in the medical service and 1000 miles away from the fighting made no difference. When I came home in 1971, my pre-draft friends threw a Welcome Home party for me. At one point I was backed into a corner as they jabbed their fingers into my face and made all sorts of idiotic accusations. I started to think they had the party as an excuse just to beat up a veteran. When I got my first apartment it became a place to hide for several other returning vets. At age 23, I was the old guy. I ran into a grade school pal who was known for running laps around St. Cecilia's church in the 1950's doing the stations of the cross. He went to Boston College , joined the SDS, and told me in 1971, that two of our childhood friends, Norm and Richie "deserved it" when they were killed in Viet Nam. I wish I had punched the hell out of him, but instead, I walked away and cried. All I'm saying is that many, many of us are not like these people in the Village bar this young lady was in. Maybe MOST of us are not like them. Guys like me, saw the idiocy of these people at its genesis, and we were the first victims. Now that our side may be slowly winning, it's rough to think we may me lumped in with the people that abused us 30 years ago. I hold my nose and call myself "pro choice". I agree with everything you say regarding gay citizens, and gay marriage. But I cringe over PC thinking, and I'm terrified at the thought of Islamic madmen running around the world on slaughter binges. For this, the boomers of the "idiot" persuasion call me an out and out "Right Wing Madman". Thanks for letting me vent. Richie's father and mine were City Firefighters. I have memories of visting my father at the firehouse as a little boy in the 1950's. Richie was there too. Our big fathers used to hold us in their arms and slide down the poles with us, and we would all laugh. Richie was the first kid from my home town to die in Viet Nam. He died, his father's heart broke and never healed, and then some jerk from the Boomer Left, said he "deserved it". If you want to know who is REALLY mad at that tribe of boomers, look around for the likes of me.