Urbin Report

Sunday, November 30, 2003

James Carville inspires donations (from the Washington Times):

"I saw James Carville on TV a couple of days ago pimping for donations for the Democratic National Committee," writes Mike Becker of Phoenix, Ariz., who promptly picked up his phone and dialed the DNC collection line.
"First, you're told they are taking too many calls from committed Democrats and you'll have to either hold or go to the automated donation line. I held. Then you're offered the opportunity to leave your name and number and they will get back to you. Or you can hold. I held," he says.
"I finally was transferred to a young man who is likely the poster boy for success in Washington, D.C.'s public school system. He read — very haltingly and poorly, with no expression — a script that no self-respecting telemarketer would touch. He asked for $100. I told him I was so inspired by James Carville that I had just mailed a $1,000 check to the Republican National Committee. He thanked me for my concern for national issues and my willingness to help.
"Could I possibly afford $10? I repeated my $1,000 story. He thanked me again and asked me what amount would I feel comfortable donating to the DNC? I asked him if the DNC could please send me money directly, instead of waiting to pass a bill through Congress that the pesky president probably wouldn't sign anyway.
"There was a long pause and he thanked me for listening to his entire script and asked me if I see my way clear to make a $10 donation. With never so much as a peep of inflection in his monotone voice. As a broken glass Republican, I was encouraged that the DNC is so hurting for help they can't even find a decent telemarketing company to collect their cash.
"Give 'em a call if you're having a boring day, it's instructional."