Urbin Report

Monday, October 06, 2003

The New Morality

An email to Andrew Sullivan

"Let's face it - intelligence is the new morality. For the left there are no long-term historical precidents to cite or follow. They are all rooted in a misogynic and racist western culture. There is no transcendent truth because that demeans the individual and takes away individual liberty. By what standard then do you judge an individual and determine their worthiness? Not by character ... not by integrity ... but by how bright they are. This intelligence of course is demonstrated by embracing the tenets of the left. Personal morality, sound legal judgement and basics such as keeping one's word do not have be followed as long as one is bright enough to to see the world from a left perspective. All other failings are excusable.
What a terrifying concept! History is littered with bright people who made horrific moral decisions. Intelligence is not conscience and an intelligence uninformed by a conscience (a real honest to goodness sense of the reality of necessary demarcation between good and evil) ultimately becomes a slave to the pale substitue of one's political ideology and the expediancy of its accompanying agenda. All it takes to understand this to see the moral bankrupty of the feminists in their differing reactions to Bill and Arnold. Expediency rooted in the new morality rules the day. Give me 'dumb' and principled any day."