Urbin Report

Friday, October 31, 2003

Lowell Ponte on the Newspeak Times

Whether Duranty wrote as an ideological Leftist or merely as a lapdog who got favored treatment in the Soviet Union by writing articles friendly to Stalin’s regime, the effect was to turn the New York Times into a megaphone for Marxist propaganda.

But rather than apologize for publishing pro-Stalinist propaganda and take steps to discredit and disown it, Sulzberger and Keller have made the surrealistic argument that to exorcise this bloody ghost haunting their house and tainting the honor of the Pulitzer Prize would itself be a Stalinistic act of historical revisionism. To correct a lie with the truth would itself be a lie. To right a wrong is to commit a wrong.

This sick Leftist mindset able to see up as down, white as black, peace as war and freedom as slavery is what George Orwell in 1984 called “DoubleThink.” Nowadays no knowledgeable person doubts that the New York Times is a very Orwellian newspaper.