Urbin Report

Monday, October 13, 2003

The German Left Betrayed The West

They are "traitors to the Fatherland."

That was former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's angry response to the recent, sensational revelations concerning West German citizens who spied during the Cold War for the Stasi, the dreaded East German secret police. Kohl was West Germany's conservative leader during the crucial 1980s, who, along with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, helped win the Cold War for the West.

The exposure of these leftist turncoats has come about thanks to the United States, Kohl's anti-Communist ally. After the Berlin Wall fell, many Stasi archives were destroyed, but a complete copy of the files of its Foreign Department fell into American hands. Over the past three years, American officials have handed them back to Germany in the form of 381 CD-ROMs containing 381,000 file cards that collectively have been named 'Rosenholz' (Rosewood).

I'd also call them Enemies of Mankind, but that's just my opinion.

-- Les