Urbin Report

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Thomas Sowell on California

Maybe it is just local pride on my part, but I think California is the purest example of liberal fundamentalism. New York and Massachusetts have their claims on that title, but California is not called the Left Coast for nothing.

Some recent examples: After an initiative was put on the ballot to curb panhandling in San Francisco, Democratic State Senator John Burton threatened to go into court to fight it, even if the voters passed it into law.

Governor Gray Davis recently added to his Left Coast record by signing into law a bill that will allow illegal aliens to get California driver's licenses. Given our lax election laws, this may enable those illegal aliens to vote.

Meanwhile, Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, running for governor in the recall election, has denounced businesses for not paying "their share" of taxes and for violating an "unwritten social contract" by not providing enough benefits to their employees.

Just what is the right share of California's high taxes for business to pay? In one word: More. And just what is in this unwritten social contract? Whatever Bustamante says is in it.