Urbin Report

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Here are some Haiku poems about the nine democrat dwarves.

John Kerry
Served in Vietnam,
he reminds us constantly.
Hitched to ketchup chick.

John Edwards
Pissy little boy
at one time was frontrunner.
Whoops...not anymore.

Carol Mosely Braun
Lady from Chi-town,
oh my goodness, what a loon.
Socialist leanings.

Dennis Kucinich
Tinfoil hats abound.
No weapons in space for him.
Silliness walking.

Joe Lieberman
Good old Mumbly Joe,
sometimes seems reasonable.
At other times, though...

Dick Gephardt
He's an old war horse.
Trouble with Streisand's faxes
leads to Babs blow-up.

Bob Graham
He's from Florida.
Boring, boring guy is he.
Hard to make haiku.

Howard Dean
Internet loves him.
Lousy bedside manner, doc.
Angry, angry man.

Al Sharpton
Tawana Brawley;
oops, nothing really happened.
Race-baiting nimrod.