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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Take Home Your Dead!

From the Dissident Frogman:

Pick Up Your Dead • Ramassez Vos Morts
No seriously, please do....

There's a problem in Bordeaux. Unlike the Parisian mess I addressed in the previous post, they successfully matched the dead with their corresponding living relatives.

But Poppa's offspring is refusing to take the old lion's corpse back:

50 corpses, (...) are currently abandoned at the morgue of Bordeaux's CHU (Hospital), their family refusing to settle the funeral charges.
"We're looking for a legal way to compel the families to come and fetch their relatives, but it's not easy (...)

Well, they wouldn't care for him when he was alive, so why on earth would they pay 500 Euros for a dead Pop?

We are repeatedly lectured and brainwashed with the "utter selfishness" of the American society, to the point that this barefaced fiction became an almost undiscussed dogma.

In the meantime, the French society is openly going backward. With this complete indifference for its own kin, its members are acting like pre-mammal organisms.

Such as the shark, the villepin or the crocodile.

We should definitely keep those dead in the fridge.

They will probably end up eating them.

Honestly, I don't know what to say.

-- Les