Urbin Report

Sunday, August 24, 2003

A Peek Into Hell

David Pelganen, 78, lived in a nearby village, now abandoned and overgrown by the spreading forest, in the 1930s. He said cars carrying prisoners Stalin had deemed "enemies of the state" came here night after night, the headlights sweeping over the moss before they would come to a halt by the side of the road.

Then, Pelganen recalled, the lights would go out. There would be several moments of silence, interrupted by sudden gunfire.

Then, he said, the engines would start again, and their taillights would disappear around the corner. "This is evidence," he said. "They really killed people there."

During the Soviet era, people like Pelganen who knew of the killings kept quiet, afraid that the bloodthirsty system might go after them next.

And still there are those who insist that Socialism is the answer. (I Know, if Socialism is the answer, then someone wasn't listening to the question.)

I really believe that the loud mouthed and well heeled advocates of Socialism (Streisand, et al) should try to live under it.

(A line from David Lynch's version of Dune keeps coming to mind here.)

-- Les