Urbin Report

Friday, August 22, 2003

Matt Maggio in the Alamance Independent

Politicians and former power-utility engineers are already
saying that the U.S. is an advanced nation with a Third World power
grid - but that's not quite accurate. Much more accurate would be
that core urban Blue Nation is like the seven-year-old car that
never got its oil, oil filter, or air filter changed. That's
because of the simple fact that Red Nation didn't have a power grid
until comparatively recently - while the grid and all other kinds
of infrastructure in core urban Blue Nation dates back almost a
century earlier.

Rather than dispute whether last week's giant power failure
was the Canadians' fault or Blue Nation's, it would be much more
accurate to say that infrastructure - of all kinds - in core urban
Blue Nation has been collapsing around the locals' ears as a result
of politicians there being much more interested in spending money
on social programs than on keeping up the infrastructure and have
been all too willing to pander to ecofreak special interests who
demanded no this and no that.

This is not surprizing given that Third World political leaders and Blue Nation politicians essentially went to the same schools and were taught the same Marxist BS.

-- Les