Urbin Report

Monday, August 04, 2003

Lowell Ponte in Frontpage Magazine:

Nobody wants to burn the Bill of Rights – except the terrorists themselves. But no sane person wants to give eco-maniacs an unfettered path to their new weapon of choice, pyromania. As Smokey Bear might say, only we can prevent wildfires set by eco-terrorists – and for the sake of both the natural habitat and human environment we need to take whatever steps are needed to do so.

One good step would be to make these terrorists pay a political price. When they burn down a permitted development of 1,500 condominiums under construction, local and county authorities should give developers permission to build 1,750 units on the same site. (No, this will not encourage builders to torch their own sites to gain unit-density upgrades.) This will provide some recompense to builders and a deterrent to terrorist acts of destruction.

Another useful step would be to remind the public that this latest act of terrorism in San Diego destroyed homes. Once again, eco-extremists have shown that they despise humankind and practice their own form of racism by discriminating against one natural species, homo erectus, the erectors of civilization. No compromise or quarter should be offered to fanatics whose worldview equates humans and spotted owls