Urbin Report

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Glenn Reynolds writes:

On September 11th 2001, . . .the United States came under aerial attack by planes piloted by foreign nationals. Two planes struck the World Trade Center destroying it and, with it, thousands of innocent civilians inside. Another struck the Pentagon killing hundreds of member of the armed forces. You may have heard about this unprovoked attack on the United States. It made all the papers.
If so you also know that a fourth plane, United Flight 93, was heading for the nation’s capital. Its likely target was the White House. It was stopped from reaching its target, but not by the Army, Navy, or even the Air Force. Nor was it stopped by the armed constabulary of the District of Columbia. After all, these official personnel cannot be everywhere the nation is threatened. No, unlike 1812, this time the White House was saved from possible destruction by the heroics of members of the unorganized militia who, after learning of the attacks by other planes on their cell phones, gave their lives to protect the capital from a second successful attack in the same morning.
Notwithstanding the opinion of Richard Uviller and William Merkel, we may just need them again one day and in circumstances where it would be better if they were armed. Fortunately, the right of the people to keep and bear arms remains enshrined in the Constitution by the Second Amendment.

I added the links to his text.