Urbin Report

Friday, July 25, 2003

From a Washington Post article on Uday.

Seven years ago, a Baghdad man's pretty 17-year-old daughter vanished and was rumored to be held inside the Iraq Olympic Committee compound run by Uday. After 10 days, the frantic father asked his attorney to inquire about the girl. The attorney presented himself at the committee and was eventually taken before Uday.

According to the file of the attorney's testimony, Uday "was looking at the papers I had filled out. He said, 'I was going to break both your legs so you can never come back here, but I see your left leg was wounded in the Iran-Iraq war, so I am only going to break your right leg.' "

A henchman shot the lawyer's right foot, leaving him unable to walk, and he recalled being dumped near a hospital. The girl was eventually sent home, having been repeatedly raped, and her family was told not to move. But they fled in terror to Poland, where they had relatives. Several years later, gunmen working for Uday tracked them down there and killed the girl and her father, according to the lawyer.

"This is just a sample," Adnan Jabbar Saadi said today at the Human Rights Organization of Iraq, where several weeks ago he listened to the attorney tell his story. "Hitler was mild compared to Uday."

Esam Saadi, a human rights lawyer, said the killings were both a political victory for the United States and an example of divine justice. After the U.S. invasion, he said, "people were afraid Saddam would come back, but now they have less to fear. The evil crow's two wings have been cut off. He can still cry, but he cannot fly anymore."