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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Great stuff from Rachel Lucas's Blog:

"Hi, I'm Dictator Gephardt"

I had to read this a few times before I stopped laughing and became amazed that he actually said it:

"When I'm president, we'll have executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day," said Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri.

Uhhh...okaaay. So basically, he'd render the United States Supreme Court completely powerless and irrelevant. With the stroke of his own mighty pen, he'd overturn any, er, "wrong thing" the Court does on "any day."

And they call Republicans "Nazis"? That's funny.

Pardon me, but the federal government is composed of three branches for a reason. God help us if idiot liberals elect this nutcase.

Anyway, Herr Gephardt declared his nefarious intentions at a forum hosted by none other than Jesse Jackson. Which of course means lots and lots of fascinating things were said.

[Al Sharpton] said Democrats shouldn't be talking about getting more blacks in high places, but getting the right blacks.

"If we doubt that, just look at Clarence Thomas," he said. "Clarence Thomas is my color, but he's not my kind."

He's got that right, fortunately for Thomas. But what are "right blacks," anyway? Not a Clarence Thomas or a Condy Rice or a Colin Powell, obviously. They're just too darn un-Sharpton-like. Am I being naive by thinking that a hell of a lot of black people think Al Sharpton is an unmitigated idiot and that his idea of who the "right blacks" are is about as in touch with real black people as his hairdo?

And here you have yet another reason I hate Democrat politicians. They actually take Master Extortionist Jesse Jackson seriously enough to participate in forums hosted by him, and they don't laugh Al Sharpton out of the room when he says that only Sharpton-approved "right blacks" should be put in power. And one of them actually has such a disturbed psyche that he feels completely comfortable declaring his intention and desire to eliminate the power of the U.S. Supreme Court.

All of which should provide further explanation as to why I make fun of liberals as often as possible, because they are the people who vote for guys like Dick "If Elected, I Will Destroy the Judicial Branch of Government" Gephardt and make protest signs that say "Bush = Hitler" in their spare time, which displays a stupendous lack of common sense, knowledge of history, and ability to think logically.

This election is going to be really, really entertaining.

UPDATE: His Imperial Canineness has responded, as well - and rants about aspiring dictators are much, much better when delivered by someone who speaks German.