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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

From the Wall Street Journal Online

A Racist Monster?
We thought the Democratic National Committee's "Bushenstein" ad was a hilarious bit of self-parody, but reader Del Larson sees something uglier:

Thanks for posting your link to the DNC Web site concerning "Bushenstein." After viewing it I see they request that I "take action now" and "tell [my] friends." Could you help "tell my friends" what I see?

I see two white males, one white female, one Hispanic male, and one African-American male being used to make "the perfect Supreme Court justice, a right-wing extremist the likes of which have never been seen before." And what parts of which does the DNC use? The vision and brains of the white males, the teeth of the white female, the sneakiness of the Hispanic male and the arms of the African-American male. Isn't this extremely racist and sexist? And don't let them say they're trying to depict what goes on in Bush's mind. No Republican wrote that garbage. Bush is actively supporting women, Hispanics and African-Americans based on their conservative principles. This trash comes from the same party that recently tried to fire about 10 African-Americans so that their party could be more competitive in future races, and that refused to give sufficient support to Carl McCall's candidacy for New York governor.

I think the ad is an outrage, and should be considered a scandal.