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Monday, June 23, 2003

Found on boycott-hollywood.net. More examples of left wing extremist double standards
Progressive Magazine (July 2003 ed.) asks Martin Sheen some questions that he answered, candidly:
Q: What do you think of the way certain conservative media outlets have been handling those critical of war?

Sheen: I have taken a big hit for being a spokesperson for the Virtual March on Washington, the MoveOn [www.moveon.org] effort. They [rightwingers] went after the show [The West Wing]. A lot of these rightwing people have been after NBC to kick me off it; that was their whole thrust, to get rid of me. When you rile people up, and they get ugly, it's not a fair fight anymore. The anti-antiwar activists recently flooded the Burbank office and shut down the NBC switchboard.

Kind of like when MoveOn organized the March on Washington to shut down the government fax and phone lines for an entire day? Was it that kind of switchboard flooding that he speaks of? So it's ok for the folks at MoveOn to flood government phone lines to issue their own personal cease and desist order? But when average, American citizens voice their own opinon in a similar way to NBC - - it's ugly and unfair? Oook - - gotcha.