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Friday, June 27, 2003

Found on Boycott-Hollywood

2nd Is A Two Way Street  (Follywood)

Susan Sarandon and the other left-wing thought police who tried to force Dr. Laura Schlessinger from the airwaves can go have a good cry: Her ratings are up, up, up.

Talkers magazine says Dr. Laura's "stunning accomplishment" is an increased audience during Operation Iraqi Freedom, when programmers, radio execs and other so-called experts figured the war coverage would leave her out in the cold.

"These skeptics have been proven wrong," the magazine's June issue reports. "Clearly the baseline of what is considered talk radio's core constituency is longer and larger than was previously assessed ... . The big winner is talk radio, in general."

I find it interesting that Susan and her group of Follywood friends will rant and rave about their right to free speech. Yet - - when someone else is exercising their right to freedom of speech and it disagrees with what Susan and her friends believe is correct then that person has to be silenced.

Susan, you can't have it both ways.