Urbin Report

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Andrew Sullivan speaks out against liberal racism in the New York Times:

 "It would be hard to find a more appalling example of racial animus than in Maureen Dowd's column [yesterday] morning."
    "For some reason I guess I do understand, Clarence Thomas isn't just opposed by many on the Left; he is hated. He is hated because he is, in Dowd's extraordinary formulation, guilty of 'a great historical ingratitude.' The good negroes, in Dowd's liberal-racist world, are those grateful to their masses in the liberal hierarchy: they are grateful to Howell [Raines] and Gerald [Boyd] and Arthur [Sulzburger]; and they know their place. For them to express the psychological torment of being advanced for racist reasons, to explain in graphic, brave and bold terms the complexity of emotions many African-Americans feel as 'beneficiaries' of racial preferences, is unacceptable. To describe such a person who has been courageous enough to put these feelings into a powerful dissent as 'barking mad' is nothing short of disgusting."